Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, November 28th, 2020

Ending Libya’s Deadlock is Not an Easy Task


Seemingly, ending to 42-year old rule of Muammer Gaddafi is not an easy task to be carried out by structurally unorganized and technically untrained and inexperienced rebels. And, meanwhile, Gaddafi loyalists are also not in a position to force rebellions to accept negotiation. Gaddafi is still...

Increase Detection and Heed Quality


According to reports, police arrested two men with weapons and military uniforms in Kabul. The 101st Asmaee police zone crime branch chief, Col. Mohammed Zahir, has said that the weapons included 72 Kalashnikov assault rifles, nine heavy machine guns and military gear. It is important intelligence service and security forces increase the ...

Transformation of M.E. Landscape of Power


Amidst the recent developments in Middle East power politics, Israel seems highly frightened of losing partners while others gaining more strategic positions at the political scene. The Jewish State, in severe need of friendly relation with the regional powers, seems to have come across further obnoxious ...

The Violent Protest in Parwan


Three people were dead and 25 wounded after the protests in Parwan turned violent.
Protesters started burning the shops and destroying vehicles, before they had a clash with Police. The protest was against a local Afghan paper mill that recycles paper for toilet paper and tissue-papers. Any employee of the company had seen some copies of textbooks and Quranic verses amid the pile of scrap papers for recycling. They...

Attack on Government’s Mind


Yesterday's attack on the Ministry of Defense cannot be deemed ordinary or usual attacks by Taliban. It has got a message for the people of Afghanistan that their life is at a great stake wherever they are in Afghanistan. The government is falling short to defend itself, how could Afghans consider themselves safe.

Syria Has Reached a Turning Point


Before unrests erupted in Syria, Syrian long time President Bashar al-Assad told reporters that the public opinion towards government in his country was different from that in other Arab countries. He declared that his government enjoyed citizens' consent and support.

But his optimist view didn't last longer. Shortly after exasperating waves of protests in many Arab ...

Military Stalemate in Libya


It becomes a month long that United Nation Security Council (UNSC) passed the resolution authorizing force to protect civilians against brutal crackdown of Muammer Gaddafi, leading to an international air campaign, but still the principle goal is not met.

While previously civilians were completely...

Panacea to Ills or Playing out the Game


Establishment of a peace commission, joint or in isolation, is not any panacea to the ills facing Afghanistan and it cannot provide that panacea either. It is important to address the root causes of the problems plaguing the country and whole region. It is also important to settle the conflicting regional interests in a way that is not putting one country against the...

Misuse of Uniforms Forms A Deadly Tactic


After the IEDs, suicide bombers in the uniforms of ANP and ANA have proven to be very deadly for coalition and Afghan forces. In the recent suicidal attacks in Kandahar and Laghman provinces the army and police uniforms were used. In the past too, in the majority of the terror attacks, Taliban...

Taliban’s Dream Should Not be Allowed to Come True


Speaking to the NATO foreign ministers in Berlin on Thursday April 14, 2011, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said Taliban insurgents were watching and speedy withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan could damage the fragile progress made in the country. There is no doubt that Taliban are eagerly waiting for NATO...

Opium Has Deeply Penetrated Afghan Society


Taking opium to kill pain is an old tradition in the villages of Afghanistan. Today too, for many people it is a preferable medicine. Astonishing fact about this tradition is that opium is also given to children and women while in pain regardless of worries about them getting addicted to....

Women Should be Treated Equally


Afghanistan is still a country where gender equality is worst! It is top at the record and Afghanistan is the country with worst records of violence against women, with highest rate. The plight of Afghan women still persists yet after a decade of democracy. The male dominated society with extreme socio-religious mindset...

Talk about New Phase


Finally, the talk about the establishment of the U.S. permanent military base in Afghanistan became open. On Monday, April 11, 2011, President Hamid Karzai said that his government would convene the traditional Loya Jirga within two or three months to decide on an agreement with the U.S. about the two...

Abandoning Afghanistan Empty-Handed


Afghanistan just saw another bad luck when the revolt that began in Tunisia started spreading across the Arab world. The country first experienced a negligence period when the US forces attacked Iraq and got stuck on the ground for years. Afghanistan, soon after the 9/11 terrorist incident, turned to the forefront of

Questions on Joining Peace Process


Reports say that the Afghan High Peace Council (AHPC) has proposed a Taliban Office be hosted in Turkey to serve as a contact point for peace discussions. On Monday this week, a Taliban commander joined the peace process along with dozens of fighters in southern Kandahar province. Noor-ul-Aziz was appointed a Taliban shadow governor for Northern Province of Kunduz. But on Tuesday, a Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, rejected any link between the....