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The Threat of High Inflation and Rising Prices

The Threat of High Inflation and Rising Prices

August 07, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

The economy of Afghanistan remains extremely vulnerable to a surge in inflation rates. Inflation, manifested in the increase in prices of goods, commodities and essentials services, is one of the most important causes of destruction of people's purchasing power and decrease in the standard of living of people. In the context of ...

Living Under Wraps

Living Under Wraps

August 07, 2011 | Farman Nawaz

Last day I was reading a newspaper when I saw an advertisement of State Bank of Pakistan. It was a kind of notification for general public to inform them about ban on the usage of old currency notes of five hundred rupees after October 10, 2011. I keenly observed the images of the old and new currency notes and tried to find the apparent ...

Irrationality at its Worst

Irrationality at its Worst

August 06, 2011 | Abbas Daiyar

A roundtable discussion was organized by the Afghanistan Regional Studies Center this Tuesday to talk about the Bonn Conference. Some political analysts, most of whom were pro-Karzai folks, made speeches about the coming conference. Political analysts say that only Afghan government representatives should attend the second Bonn Conference...

Social Stratification and Afghan Society

Social Stratification and Afghan Society

August 06, 2011 | Dilawar Sharzai

The social and political changes in Afghanistan, in the post-Taliban scenario, have been able to cast diverse effects on Afghan society. Among different changes the stratification of society into rich and power classes is a dominant one. The differences have been intensified and are affecting the society as a whole. It has not been the ...

Good Governance – A Must for Afghanistan

Good Governance – A  Must for Afghanistan

August 06, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

There can be little doubt that ultimately, over the long run, the best defense against the Taliban and rampant culture of militancy and extremism is "good governance". This relatively new concept has come to be widely accepted as one of the most important preconditions for the development and progress of any country whether in the ...

Haqqani Network More Dangerous than Taliban

Haqqani Network More Dangerous than Taliban

August 04, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

In recent months, the name of one terror group has consistently grabbed the headlines and the lethality of its schemes and suicide bombings have terrorized the people in Kabul, Jalalabad and elsewhere. The feared Haqqani network has been behind most of the suicide bombings and armed assaults in cities and towns throughout Eastern Afghanistan ...

The Holy Month of Ramadan is to Show Compassion & Mercy

The Holy Month of Ramadan is  to Show Compassion & Mercy

August 04, 2011 | Abdul Samad Haidari

All our praise is due to Allah Almighty. We are committed to pray him and seek his guidance, compassion, mercy and ask him help to show us the right path where there is love mercy and forgiveness. And repent to him for our wrong and inhuman evil deeds and actions against his will and against the will of human ...

Afghanistan and the “Arc of Crisis”

Afghanistan and the “Arc of Crisis”

August 03, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

Terrorism, extremism and militancy are the three foremost challenges that threaten the collective peace, stability and prosperity of the countries in the broader region of which Afghanistan is an important part. Of all the countries that are scattered throughout the South Asia to Central Asia corridor, including ...

Separation of Powers

Separation of Powers

August 03, 2011 | Dilawar Sherzai

Every modern state stands on four basic pillars also termed as organs of the state. These include Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Media. Media has been considered as one of the pillars in modern world as the role of media in the state affairs has gained much importance. In the developed countries of the world, wherein media has ...

Living on the Edge of Machinery

Living on the Edge of Machinery

August 03, 2011 | Abdul Samad Haidari

When the world was created, there was no technology, but yet MAN ond. MAN walked on barefoot and travelled miles, and then MAN started to realize that it would be much better if important else did the trekking, so he could sit and enjoy the ride. So MAN started to mount donkeys, from donkeys to horses to camels. When the man got to the ...

A Wave of Drought and Famine Killing Silently

A Wave of Drought and  Famine Killing Silently

August 02, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

As if the daily high dose of death and violence is not enough, the long dry spell in central regions of the country as well as some Northern provinces, evident in past winter and spring's less than satisfactory rainfall, is now wreaking havoc with people's farmlands and food security across these areas. Bamyan, Maidan Wardak and Daikundi in the center ...

Reconciliation and Transition

Reconciliation and Transition

August 02, 2011 | Dilawar Sherzai

The security situation in Afghanistan is not getting any better as the terrorists have further intensified their assaults. Only, the ongoing month of Ramadan can be a hope for a break in sanguinary incidents, but that can not be a substitute for a lasting peace. The concerned authorities should carry out necessary measures to curb the ...

Climate Change Must be Given Priority Before it is too Late

Climate Change Must be Given Priority Before it is too Late

August 02, 2011 | Abdul Samad Haidari

Today the climate of the world is changing faster than ever before. The climate shift started to show its real face both on the geo-diversity and bio-diversity. Currently, mainly the reports and news stories relate to the very changes in bio-diversity and its uncertain impacts on the availability of food, air and ...

Socio-political Changes and Afghan Transition

Socio-political Changes  and Afghan Transition

August 01, 2011 | Dilawar Sherzai

>The course of history in different societies and states has been dominantly guided by social and political changes. These changes have been able to attract the attentions of social and political scientists to a large extent as they are responsible for the evolution of society and states. Social scientists mostly strive to find out the trends in...

Why a Breakthrough is Unlikely at Bonn II

Why a Breakthrough  is Unlikely at Bonn II

August 01, 2011 | Abbas Daiyar

Recently I have written several op-eds on the talks about talks with the Taliban, political settlement and the coming Bonn Conference II in December. Below is a guest post of mine published at the Afghanistan Analysts Network reflecting on the same topics with some updates and different questions. The Bonn conference of 2001 has been a ...

Targeted Assassinations

Targeted Assassinations

August 01, 2011 | Jawad Rahmani

Another grand loss for the President Karzia's government! On Wednesday July 27, a suicide attack took life of the Kandahar city mayor, Mr. Ghulam Haidar Hamidi, in the municipality complex. He is the second high-ranking official targeted by suicide attacker of Taliban militants, after assassination of Ahmad Wali Karzia, half brother of...

Afghanistan and the Region: A Shared Destiny

Afghanistan and the Region:  A Shared Destiny

Mehdi Rezaie | July 31, 2011

>Afghanistan is situated in a particularly tough regional environment. This environment is characterized by various state and non-state actors, both regional and extra-regional that result in the geo-political and security equilibrium in the region to be fragile and prone to disturbance at the slightest of provocations. Perhaps, Afghanistan is one of the few...

The Plight of the Refugees

The Plight of the Refugees

July 31, 2011 | Dilawar Sherzai

In many countries of the world because of different sorts of social and political problems, people are forced to leave their countries and move to other parts of the world in search of better lives and opportunities. Such people can be termed as refugees. According to the Geneva Refugee Convention, a refugee is defined as, "A person with ...

Farewell to a Friend of Afghanistan

Farewell to a Friend  of Afghanistan

July 31, 2011 | Abbas Daiyar

Saying goodbye to a friend, colleague or just a person you know somehow is hard. But going through the same experience, I know it's harder for a person himself who is taking departure from a place after years living there as his second-home. One's feelings get attached to all things related to that place and the people, and the ...

Averting a Post-2014 Economic Downfall

Averting a Post-2014  Economic Downfall

July 30, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

Robert Zoellick, the World Bank's President, in an article published in Washington Post, has been the latest public figure to warn about the future of Afghanistan's economy in the wake of the withdrawal of international forces. According to World Bank's chief, the theme of often-repeated and much-cautioned economic downfall in a post-2014 ...

“A lone Wolf” andMulticulturalism

“A lone Wolf” andMulticulturalism

July 30, 2011 | Dilawar Sherzai

Well, the tragic incident in Oslo, Norway can never and should never end with a conclusion that as there had not been evident connections of the culprit Breivik with the far right organizations in Europe, therefore it was a sole-effort and the threats of far right extremist views are meager. Even if it was a sole-effort, it must not ...

The Reason to Fight For

The Reason to Fight For

July 30, 2011 | Abdul Samad Haidari

Incessantly, we are living on the edges of four decades of war in Afghanistan that left hun dred and thousand of deaths and thousand of people as a result have been handicapped; millions of them have been left homeless and more than one million children orphaned or alienated from their parents with extreme vulnerability. ...

Army Chief’s Statement on Durand Line

Army Chief’s Statement  on Durand Line

July 28, 2011 | Abbas Daiyar

Recently I was watching a TOLO TV talk show hosted by Dawood Sultanzoy. He was interviewing the Chief of Armed Forces General Shir Ahmad Kairimi about the capability of Afghan security forces and the transition of security from international troops to Afghans. During the questions, Sultanzoy asked General Karimi about the rocket firings ...

Transitional Uncertainty

Transitional Uncertainty

July 28 2011 | Dilawar Sherzai

The challenges both for Afghan and international forces are increasing as the terrorist acts in the country are marked with a rising trend. Afghanistan is going through a transition period, wherein, the security responsibilities have to be transferred to Afghan forces; whereas, the first phase of this ...

High Desertion Rates Holding Back Afghan National Army

       High Desertion Rates Holding Back Afghan National Army

July 28, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

High turnover rates of recruits in the Afghan National Army has once again come under spotlight with a recent report presented to the U.S. Congress by U.S. government admitting that 1 out of every 4 new recruits or roughly 25% of new soldiers leave the Afghan National Army after the first few months. This figure of 25% is the desertion rate ...

Neighbors Speaks Against the Expected Afghanistan-US Partnership Agreement

Neighbors Speaks Against the Expected Afghanistan-US Partnership Agreement

July 27 2011 | Ahmad Shah Katawazai

According to the newly appointed U.S. ambassador the United States has no interest in permanent bases in Afghanistan. However behind the scene talks are going on between authorities from Afghanistan as well as the United States regarding long-term strategic accord. It is an open secret now that both Afghanistan and the United States are interested...

Politics of Holograms

Politics of Holograms

July 27, 2011 | Farman Nawaz

People have dreams and they wish to see them turning into realities in their life time. Politicians create national dreams and try to make them true during their tenure. It is true that politics is the name of possibilities but here in Pakistan the game of possibilities has turned into game of blames and controversies. Instead of creating...

Friday’s Attacks and Islam-phobia

Friday’s Attacks  and Islam-phobia

July 26 2011 | Jawad Rahmani

Norwegians are still in sulfurous shock days after terroristic bombing and shootings, which left 93 dead and numerous injured. First, a strong explosion shook the office of Prime Minister, Mr. Stoltenberg, and surrounding buildings, and, Later on, followed by almost an hour-long rampage shooting at youth camp which took the lives ...

Taliban Denial of Talks

Taliban Denial of Talks

July 26, 2011 | Abbas Daiyar

A latest Taliban video released by the Al-emara studio has been uploaded online. The 40 minutes video features attacks, RPG firings, blasts and interviews of Taliban commanders in Kunar province. It focuses on the talks about talks with Taliban, strongly denying the media reports that some Taliban officials had direct talks with the...

Military Drawdown and America’s Internal Politics

Military Drawdown and  America’s Internal Politics

July 26, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has long been a contentious issue. The Obama Administration has announced a plan of withdrawing 33,000 American troops from Afghanistan by the fall of 2012. According to the much-publicized plan, 10,000 troops will be evacuated by the end of the current year, 2011, while another 23,000 ...

The Butchery in Oslo

The Butchery in Oslo

July 25 2011 | Dilawar Sherzai

No reason can stand solid for mass killing, provided that the victims are armless and do not intend to harm anyone in any way, except that they differ in their views. In real sense they are bound to be so, as human beings are born with different perceptions. Every individual is bound to be different in some way or the other from ...

The Security Transition Process

The Security  Transition Process

July 25, 2011 | Jawad Rahmani

The Headlines of domestic print and electronic Media are dominated by security transition process and its political and military consequences. Under the process, the responsibilities of several areas have been already handed over to Afghan security forces, like Bamiyan Province, Mehtarlam, the center Laghaman Province, Lashkargah, the ...

Will Democracy & Political Stability Survive After the U.S Withdrawal?

Will Democracy & Political Stability Survive After  the U.S Withdrawal?

July 25, 2011 | Abdul Samad Haidari

In a major speech to the American public on June 22nd, President Obama has finally promulgated the beginning of the American forces drawdown from Afghanistan which has upset and scared all Afghans, particularly the women. One week later, after the President Obama ...

Extremism – the Real Terrorist!

Extremism – the Real Terrorist!

July 24 2011 | Dilawar Sherzai

It is very unfortunate to note that human history is filled with violent incidents. The violence has been able to overshadow the docile aspect of human nature every now and then both through major wars and individual conflicts. There have been many occasions when hundred of people are killed in no time. People in the name of religion...

Making Foreign Aid Work for Afghanistan

Making Foreign Aid  Work for Afghanistan

July 24, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

>In an environment of constant war and conflict, and when the news of fatalities, explosions, the dead and the wounded grab the headlines, the welfare and economic prosperity of the people of Afghanistan have been pushed to the bottom. Its seems that gone are the days when there was a remarkable enthusiasm within the government...