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No End to Ethno-sectarian Killings in Pakistan

No End to Ethno-sectarian Killings in Pakistan

October, 05 2011 | Dilawar Sharzai

The wave of ethnic and sectarian killings in Pakistan is getting very intense with each passing day. Pakistan has been suffering from the negative impacts of terrorism to a large extend. As Pakistan opted to join hand with US in the war against terrorism, the terrorist networks in Pakistan have displayed vehement response. They have ...

The Future of Conflict in Afghanistan

The Future of Conflict  in Afghanistan

October, 05 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

It is October and it was exactly ten years ago in the October of 2001 that the Taliban regime was toppled under the assault of international and Afghan allies. The ouster of the Taliban regime was a turning point in the history of Afghanistan. It promised to not only bring better days for the people of Afghanistan, but also to restore ...

Karzai! Again with Anti Pakistan Temper

Karzai! Again with  Anti Pakistan Temper

October, 04 2011 | Dr. Hussain Yasa

Yesterday evening, in his nationwide address, President Karzai said that against our expectations the Pakistani establishment didn't help us in bring peace and stability in Afghanistan. Insisting on terrorism as the common menace for both the countries he said that instead of Taliban direct talks Pakistan will be preferred. He was trying to ...

New Policy of Negotiations with Pakistan

New Policy of Negotiations with Pakistan

October, 04 2011 | Abbas Daiyar

The 11-minutes speech of President Karzai to the nation live on RTA last night was expected to announce a strategy or roadmap about the post-Rabbani peace, the strategic partnership with the US, or making a sense of his vague statements regarding direct talks with Pakistan, instead of Taliban. But he repeated the same rhetoric, ...

A Victim of Being Hazara and Shia in Pakistan

A Victim of Being Hazara and Shia in Pakistan

October, 04 2011 | Muhammad Younas

After 9/11, international forces led by American forces attacked on Taliban in Afghanistan and it took a month to oust Taliban along with Al-Qaida and other Islamic militant groups from Kabul who had been ruling Afghanistan since September 1996. It was Pakistani intelligence agencies, which played pivotal role in the making of ...

The Death of an Illusionary Friend

The Death of an  Illusionary Friend

October, 03 2011 | Jawad Rahmani

Afghan government decisions—concealing the upcoming Pakistan's Prime Minister, Yosuf Reza Gilani's visit, and postponing the second round of Joint Peace Council Conference that was about to be held in Kabul city, the capital——set me on the dais of extreme astonishment. However, within past ten years, the bilateral relation has not always gone on ...

Insecurity Requires Serious Commitment

Insecurity Requires  Serious Commitment

October, 03 2011 | Abdul Samad Haidari

The Daredevil terrorist attack in heart of Kabul, in one of the highest-security zone of the capital is indeed the ultimate matter of concern and discussion. A thread blasts targeting the U.S embassy and NATO's headquarters paralyzing all the precautionary measures that the government and the foreign establishments had taken speaks of ...

A State is Known by the Rights it Maintains

A State is Known by  the Rights it Maintains

Dilawar Sharzai | October, 03 2011

The society consists of a large number of people whose mutual relations are conducted by certain well established rules of conduct. Unless people accept certain restraints and responsibilities towards each other, social life will not be possible. The conditions created by the state to ensure the security of the individual and property are ...

Da Afghanistan Bank and our National Economy

Da Afghanistan Bank  and our National Economy

October, 02 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

The Central Bank of Afghanistan, Da Afghanistan Bank, is the highest public institution in the country in whose hands the powers for management of Afghanistan's economy are vested. As any other Central Bank, Da Afghanistan Bank is responsible for a wide array of crucial issues related to the economy of Afghanistan and the standard of ...

Pushing to Fight

Pushing to Fight

October, 02 2011 | Nasruddin Memati

In the latest attempt to push Haqqani network to impasse, NATO forces said Saturday that they had captured a senior Haqqani network member in Afghanistan. US forces have recently embarked on some harsh measures against the brutal group led by Sirajuddin Haqqani. The group's aggressive attacks have triggered tensions between the US and ...

The Law Emanates from the Will to Power

The Law Emanates  from the Will to Power

October, 02 2011 | Dilawar Sharzai

As human societies kept on evolving, the necessity for codified rules and regulations started being felt intensely. With the societies turning more complex and human relations and interaction becoming more frequent and usual, the requirement of marking a difference between what is perceived to be right or wrong became inevitable. The human ...

President Karzai’s Dilemma

President Karzai’s Dilemma

October, 01 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

President Hamid Karzai has been in dire straits ever since the assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani, the ex-president and chairman of the High Peace Council. The assassination robbed Mr. Karzai of an invaluable ally who provided the President with a formidable bridgehead towards a wide segment of Afghan ethnic mosaic. In the ...

An Ideal State is the Visible Embodiment of Justice

An Ideal State is the Visible Embodiment of Justice

October, 01 2011 | Dilawar Sharzai

Most of the political philosophers and analysts believe that justice is one of the basic pillars on which the building of a political system can be constructed. Justice, in simplest words, is 'to give what a person deserves' or 'it is what the courts offer' or else 'it is what law tends to achieve'. But these definitions of justice are too simplistic and concise ...

Breathing Turns Difficult in Kabul

Breathing Turns Difficult in Kabul

October, 01 2011 | Mohd. Ahsan

Kabul, the capital of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a city where according to health pundits, pollution forms greater threat to life of people than the insecurity does. The hundreds of thousands of vehicles have turned healthy breathing a dream while burning of coal and wood for heating purposes during cold season create monstrous ...

The Eurozone Debt Crisis - More to Come?

The Eurozone Debt Crisis - More to Come?

September 29, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

The European Union and the Eurozone member countries - the bloc of countries that have adopted Euro as their common currency - are having sleepless nights. The problems with the financial situation of Greece, a member country, have now come to head and threaten a catastrophic collapse of the European financial and monetary union if ...

J.S. Mill, Individual, Democracy and Proportional Representation

J.S. Mill, Individual, Democracy  and  Proportional Representation

September 29, 2011 | Dilawar Sharzai

With the rise of the concepts of individualism and utilitarianism in Europe, the concepts of individual rights and liberty also became prominent. The political thinkers like Bentham and J.S. Mill played dominant roles in defining the roles, responsibilities and liberty of individual in relation to the society. Both were great English ...

Animosity Damages both Countries

Animosity Damages  both Countries

September 29, 2011 | Jawad Rahmani

Have you ever found Afghans tear all communal, lingual and religious ties apart and be glued to one another that no divisive force can poke in their unity? Just make that fantasy. Yes, fantasy, because, presently, the notion of a united Afghan without an external force seems unlikely and unattainable for many. Partly ...

The House of Nation in Disarray

The House of Nation in Disarray

September 28, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

It has been more than a year since the parliamentary elections opened up another chapter, albeit controversial, in Afghanistan's post-Taliban experience with democracy. The happenings, ever since, have been bitter with the brutal political tug of war, involving the three branches of the state, casting a long shadow over ...

Heightening Position of Women in Saudi Arabia

Heightening Position of  Women in Saudi Arabia

September 28, 2011 | Dilawar Sharzai

Through out most part of history women have been discriminated in some way or the other. Most of the human societies in history have been patriarchal with men having the upper hand in all the institutions of the society, while women have suffered from various forms of discriminations designed in the name of religion, tradition, values and ...

Breakfast with the Taliban

Breakfast with the Taliban

September 28, 2011 | Adam Valen Levinson

One Saturday in June, traffic was light on the road from Kabul to the town of Bamyan, nestled deep in a high valley lined with sandstone cliffs 240 kilometers to the northwest. But for all the paving efforts that have made it among the smoothest in the country, this route from the Afghan capital through the 10,000-foot-high Shibar pass is less ...

Working Towards Social Justice

Working Towards  Social Justice

September 27, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

Achieving social justice in Afghanistan, having been the omnipresent mantra of all in the early years of the post-Taliban era, has now been relegated to the bottom of the national and international agenda for Afghanistan. Social justice is all about creating a just and fair society where every human being as a citizen enjoys a range of ...

President’s Message, Reconciliation and New Strategic Paradigm

President’s Message, Reconciliation and New Strategic Paradigm

September 27, 2011 | Dilawar Sharzai

The recent incidents in Afghanistan have, to a great extent, affected the people, the government and the US and other allies of the country. The people feel very much insecure, and the social psychology has further moved towards pessimistic tendencies. The US has not been able to digest these incidents readily and ...

US, Entangled in Israel’s Mess

US, Entangled in Israel’s Mess

September 27, 2011 | Jawad Rahmani

On Friday, Sept. 23, Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, addressed the 66th United Nations General Assembly after he gave the application to UN General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon for recognition of an independent State of Palestine. His speech was erupted twice as participants were clapping and gave him standing ovation. He talked ...

Decentralization of Power and Political Development in Afghanistan

Decentralization of Power and Political Development in Afghanistan

September 26, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

In Afghanistan every body talks about economic development. From the President to his Cabinet ministers and onward to the Central Bank of the country, all unanimously uphold the notion that Afghanistan's economic development is and should be high on the national agenda. The international ...

The Glorious Path—Path of China’s Peaceful Development

The Glorious Path—Path  of China’s Peaceful Development

September 26, 2011 | By Xu Feihong

The People's Republic of China will celebrate the 62nd anniversary of her founding on October 1, 2011. Over the past six decades and more since the founding of New China, particularly since the introduction of the reform and opening-up policies in 1978, the ...

The Dictator Returns Home

The Dictator Returns Home

September 26, 2011 | Nasruddin Hemati

To prove to totalitarian regimes that no autocratic systems will last long, on itself, is a victory for the millions of people who have been marching the streets in the Arab world since the beginning of this year. The protests, however, have led to greatly successful outcomes, could promote the idea that no undemocratic force can resist against ...

Kabul, What a Capital!

Kabul, What a Capital!

September 25, 2011 | Mohd. Ahsan

Recent attacks by insurgents in capital Kabul are considered attacks on the minds, souls and hearts of government and its five million residents and the large number of foreigners living in this city. Two black Tuesdays – 13 and 20 September – give shocking reflection of the situation in Afghanistan years after US invasion. Taliban insurgents ...

The Death of Britain’s Multicultural Society

The Death of Britain’s Multicultural Society

September 25, 2011 | Musa Khan Jalalzai

Ethnic minorities, colors and diversity have made British society more colorful. These colors and beauties once played important role in economic and cultural development, but the present shape of Britain's social and cultural diversity, prevailing criminal culture and institutional racism have threatened national security and social ...

Autonomy of Universities in Punjab

Autonomy of Universities in Punjab

September 25, 2011 | Farman Nawaz

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has formed a committee to grant additional administrative and financial autonomy to state-owned universities. Hence, governor of the province will not remain the chancellor of universities; a search committee would be formed to find a suitable person for the job amongst educationists, retired ...

Afghanistan’s Problems Become Complicated

Afghanistan’s Problems Become Complicated

Mehdi Rezaie | September 24, 2011

Never before throughout the past ten years did the situation in Afghanistan look so hopelessly grim for both the people and the government, as well as, the international community. The assassination of the High Peace Council chief, Burhanuddin Rabbani, has casted a heavy aura of uncertainty over what the future has in store for an ...

Decaying Security and Af-Pak Relations

Decaying Security  and Af-Pak Relations

September 24, 2011 | Dilawar Sharzai

The security situation in Afghanistan and Af-Pak relations do not seem to be improving. Both have been the victims of uneven fluctuations. On some occasions the situation seems to be improving and right on the other everything is lost. Two recent incidents in Kabul (the bombing and shooting on US Embassy and NATO headquarters and other ...

Widening the Perimeter of Reconciliation

Widening the Perimeter  of Reconciliation

September 24, 2011 | Farman Nawaz

Reconciliation is the heritage of the slain leader Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan People's Party. For years Pakistan People's Party has challenged the Pakistani establishment but eventually Bibi came to the point to resort to reconciliation with the establishment as well as political parties of Pakistan. She extracted this notion of reconciliation ...

Donors Suspending Aid to Afghanistan

Donors Suspending  Aid to Afghanistan

September 22, 2011 | Mehdi Rezaie

The Kabul bank collapse and the subsequent refusal of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to deliver its aid packages have caused a stir in the government of Afghanistan. The Kabul Bank crisis led to the collapse of the bank and forced Da Afghanistan Bank, the country's Central Bank, and government of Afghanistan to take swift ...

President Karzai in NY and Points for Consideration

President Karzai in NY and Points for Consideration

September 22, 2011 | Sher Alam Saqib

President Karzai discusses transition with the US president, Barack Obama in New York on the sidelines of the 66th UN General Assembly Meeting. Ben Rhodes, the US deputy national security advisor for strategic communications said, "This is the first meeting the president will have with Karzai since ...

Don’t Drive a Truck Without Brake

Don’t Drive a Truck  Without Brake

September 22, 2011 | Jawad Rahmani

Is the notion true that we, human beings, generally accept something which goes to the favor of our personal stature? In other words, do we accept something which is favorable to us easily in comparison to what goes against us? I leave the answer to psychologist and sociologist, but what happens with current peace process initiative somehow ...