Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, January 15th, 2021

DAB Chief’s Irresponsible Act

Abdul Qadeer Fitrat, the chief of central bank of Afghanistan has fled the country and resigned. He says he was threatened as he had openly exposed the secret names behind the collapse of Kabul Bank. He was threatened or not, there is no proof and also Karzai's spokesman, Waheed Omar, doubts there were any real threats to his life. Nevertheless, Omar has pronounced Fitrat's action as an "escape" and "very irresponsible act."But Fitrat's resignation was expected as he was under severe pressure, apparently.

He had fewer points left to defend the weak position Afghan government had on the issue of Kabul Bank. Although it is possible that the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) under Fitrat must have fallen short in preventing the embezzlement in the collapsed bank, Fitrat can not be hold responsible for the whole scenario. Putting the responsibility of bank failure - caused by President's and Vice President's brothers and Sherkhan Farnood, a world-class gambler – on the head of one individual is unfair and improper.

Kabul Bank's fall is no doubt a national loss for Afghanistan. Every organization that goes politicized will have the same kind of ending. In 2009 Presidential elections, it is believed that millions of dollars were spent by Kabul Bank shareholders for campaigning for Hamid Karzai. They supported Karzai so that their bank would have a strong political support for legal and illegal operations. But they did not know their prospects. Karzai won the elections. But, reportedly, his own brother Mahmood Karzai – shareholder in Kabul Bank- turned against him. The point of conflict between these two is not clear but can be conceived one of the factors that lead to failure of Kabul Bank.

If Fitrat's involvement in destruction of the Kabul Bank is proved, it will be another shock for the nation because it will be more evident that our government's high positions are hold by the most corrupt individuals. Previously, several ministers and other high government authorities had been reported to be involved in massive embezzlement. But because government backed them, they live freely rather than being behind the bars.