Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Victory the Hallmark of Electoral Transparency?

Despite the efforts of international community to inject tolerance to Afghan politicians, brinkmanship and force still have remained as very justifiable means to remain in power. During past months when the presidential election has faced deadlock, both candidates whether directly or indirectly tried to point out that each have the potential to take the country back to pre-2001 condition. Indeed we, Afghans are very fortunate that the United States still has a large number of soldiers through, functioning as a safe zone between the two candidates. In the absence of international community, particularly, the Unite States, it was highly possible that both presidential candidates would have already plunged the country into irreversible rocky road down to an utter crisis.

Meanwhile, despite military presence of international community, the supporters of candidates time and again remind that they have enough arms in hand to resume armed battle if their demands are not fulfilled. As after announcement of result of runoff elections, supporters of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah brought down the pictures of President Hamid Karzai from the wall of Loya Jirga’s hall which sparked serious discussion in social media. He was also asked to announce a parallel government and directly march towards palace.

However, at that point Washington reacted quickly. Reportedly, Washington suggested both candidates to avoid measures which could destabilize the country and follow diplomatic means. US officials also promised to mediate and find a solution to deadlock which finally was the UN proposed suggestions of recount and audit of entire casted votes.

Notwithstanding, Afghan politicians are not giving up warning and threats. After launch of 6 thousand controversial ballot boxes suggested by both candidates---3000 each---the process goes slow as the destiny of future government has remained highly vague.

Atta Mohammad Noor, the governor of northern Balkh province warned last week to boycott the election process if the ongoing vote audit proves biased and Abdullah is not declared winner of the election.“If the vote recount is one-sided or fraudulent, we will not bow down and accept the results,” Noor told Washington Post. He said in an interview, “We do not want a crisis, but we will defend the rights of our people. We will have a big civil uprising. We will occupy government buildings and institutions. We will boycott the process, and we will not recognize the next government because it will have no legitimacy.”

Perhaps wining is the standard for the election whether it was transparent or not for the supporters of both teams. Till now politicians have not accepted that it is the votes of people that determines who is the winner, not victory of this or that to determine whether election was transparent or not.