Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Achievements at Great Stake Now

When the constitutional law of Afghanistan was enacted, it conceived an immense success for the people of Afghanistan and the international community. It was anticipated that Afghanistan – from economic, social and political perspectives – will nurture having the law as the foremost principle leading it. The Afghan constitution is the first milestone of democracy in a country where democracy has always been pressed under the feet of non-democratic governments and rulers. The hope for peace and prosperity in a democratic way brought millions of Afghan refugees back to their country.

No doubt Afghanistan, with the support from international community, has had noteworthy progress in the last ten years – civil societies were formed, elections were conducted, millions of boy and girls have started attending schools, freedom of expression is like never before, human and women rights organizations are functioning and so on. But progress is always easy to achieve and hard to maintain. The progress Afghanistan has made seems at severe stake seeing the country's current situation.

Afghan government is failing to maintain the progress democracy has made. The foremost factor to let democracy nurture is strengthening the rule of law. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to implementation of law is that the lawmakers are the law breakers. The current political and security situation are clear evidences that laws in Afghanistan, including its constitution have gone symbolic. If the highest office of government is involved in severe violation of law, one can easily judge the situation in other government offices.

We all know that the special court formed by president Karzai is against the country's law and so are its decisions. Despite that, our president is backing the court and seeks to impose its decision according to which 62 Independent Election Commission (IEC)-certified and seating MPs will be replaced by MPs announced winner by the illegal court or simply Karzai's court last week. This has certain messages for the people of Afghanistan who have been giving sacrifices for peace and prosperity of their country. The government is trying to keep the influence of a specific group of people in government, lead the country to further chaos and political instability, conceal its inability to controlling the deteriorating security condition and pave the way for Taliban so that they can, once again, rule the people.