Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Reconstituting Its Evil Nature

The appalling reports of use of an eight year old girl in suicide attacks by the Taliban militants scarred human conscience. The atrocity has happened in southern province of Uruzgan, in which a small innocent girl was used as a tool to carry out the attack on police personnel. According to reports, when the innocent girl takes the explosives near police vehicle, the militants detonate through remote controlled system. The innocent girl is the only victim. This startling and shocking incident is similar to the terrible acts of violence the militants have done over the past years. These acts not only are a disregard to humanitarian laws but also disrespect to human sanctity and disrespect to children's innocence.

The Taliban militants/terrorists have been inflicting most of the civilian casualties. Just last month, they carried out a suicide assault in Logar province, killing tens of people and injuring many more. Mainly children, women and patients fell victims to the wicked terrorist act of Taliban militants that attacked a civilian hospital. These are all the signs of a descent into barbarity, atrocity and inhumanity.

Before the brutal regime of Taliban was overthrown in late 2001, the militants did not spare any attempt to commit mass killing in different parts of the country, in particular in the north and central provinces. Those atrocities have gone down in history of this troubled part of the world but as the militants are trying to make a comeback or take over the country after the withdrawal of international forces, whose premature withdrawal will be catastrophic for both Afghanistan and international community, they have already begun to reconstitute their evil nature- that is- a total collapse of humanity and conscience in the effort to restore totalitarian world view and social ontology.

It requires to wake conscience of the world to maintain their humanitarian intervention and prevent the innocent children of this land from being used as suicide attackers. It is to be said that the collective conscience of the world should be shaken by these types of abhorrent terrorist acts. It is also hoped that president Karzai will stop calling these perpetrators as brothers.