Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, January 15th, 2021

Mr. President Must Undo the Evils before it is Too Late

After the 2010 parliamentary elections did not end up in success of President Hamid Karzai's favored candidates, he greeted the official results announced by the Independent Election Commission and attempted to refuse to inaugurate the parliament. In the meanwhile, he opened Pandora's box by unconstitutionally establishing a special election tribunal/court to look into electoral frauds. It has now become president Karzai's habit to either bypass elected institutions and instead resort to traditional mechanisms or establish extra-constitutional and extra-legal bodies to act at his behest and work for his vested interest.

While lacking transparency in recount of the votes as mentioned by observer groups, the Special Election Tribunal on June 23 announced that 62 members of parliament have to be replaced with 62 other candidates who based on official results announced by IEC could not make their way to the House of Representatives of National Assembly.

This game is being played by president Karzai at the time when the country is in a critical situation. After 10 years of war and suffering, international forces have begun to leave the country without any guarantees that Afghanistan will not be plunged into a new chaotic period and that terrorists will not congregate into it again; the gap between people and the government has widened due to widespread and rampant corruption in Karzai's administration; international donor countries and organizations have curtailed and suspended their aid to the country because of the government's failure to dispel their concerns on scandalous mismanagement and unchecked corruption.

Reports over the last week indicated that President Hamid Karzai has sent a list of 17 disgruntled candidates from last year's election to the election commission to be seated in the Wolesi Jirga after a special court disqualified 62 sitting MPs.

Observers say that some of these new people on the new list are not among those 62 candidates announced by the so-called special court to be seated in the parliament. It shows that president Karzai is completely erratic and puts individual patrons above the law and democratic processes or he is unwilling or unable to undo the evils he spread by setting up the tribunal. He can do that if he stays committed to abiding by the constitution and other enforceable laws of the country. He just needs a forward-looking thinking, a democratic nature and belief in future political stability.