Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, August 19th, 2019

Mullah Omar, 90 Miles Away from Kabul

A female MP has claimed meeting the Taliban's supreme leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar. In the meeting that took place only about 90 miles away from capital Kabul, according to Huma Sultani's statement, a MP elected from Ghazni province, the Mullah has signaled consent and willingness to peace talks with the government of Afghanistan. Huma has claimed that she can present Omar in front of the public provided his security and safety are guaranteed.

Mullah Omar who is believed to be hiding somewhere in Pakistan, just like Osama bin Laden, has been a 'wanted' man since his government was toppled in late 2001. Intelligence agencies have been trying to find out his location but all in vain. Unlike Osama, Mullah Omar has only one black and white picture that is commonly available and there are no video clips of him.

In the picture – which is quite old - he appears one-eyed, having a long beard and a wearing big turban. By now, many changes must have occurred in the appearance of Omar and this makes his identification based on his available photo quite difficult. Therefore, it is doubted that Huma Sultani must have met the genuine Mullah Omar. After all, every man with one eye, wearing turban and having long beard can not be Mullah Omar.

Did the Mullah change? Mullah Omar used to talk to his visitors from behind a curtain in his house in the used-to-be capital of the used-to-be Emirate of Afghanistan. He extremely detested women coming out their homes, getting education and not wearing burqa. Taliban used to punish the outlaws in open public. Now, if we assume Ms. Sultani's claim as true – that is, meeting of Mullah Omar with a woman who mostly appear wearing a short scarf that barely covers half of her head – then this is miracle in the history of Afghanistan showing a 180 degree change in Mullah Omar. But unfortunately, in Afghanistan we have not witnessed any such miracles since long.
The representatives of people should not waste their and people's time by such unwise and unrealistic claims – already they have enough accomplishment in such acts.