Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, August 19th, 2019

Bamyan Security Tasks Transferred

Can Afghanistan stand on its own feet? It is having the lowest level of security despite presence of about 150,000 foreign troops and more than 250,000 national Police and Army. What is going to be the fate of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of international forces?The seven areas identified to be handed over to Afghan Security Forces in the coming months will, somehow, determine this. Bamyan province became the first to fall in the hands of Afghan Security Forces.

Yesterday, in a formal gathering the security responsibilities of this province were transferred to Afghan Police and Army. Bamyan known for being the most peaceful province of Afghanistan is so because its residents have been great supporters of peace and democracy.

Albeit in the last ten years it has not seen any significant development works, its people are still thankful to the international community and it is hoped that it will continue to remain 'as is' in regards of security.

The transition of security responsibilities in one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan took place at a time when in major portion of the country security condition has drastically deteriorated and hopes for political and economic stability is diminishing. In 2014, complete withdrawal of international troops is due and by then it is feared that security will further worsen.

This is what the experience of the last ten years show. Taliban is at large. They are continuing to enhance their operations to more regions and at the same time multiplying its suicide/roadside bombing, clashes with security forces and targeted killings. A recent UNAMA reports shows that the first half of current year has been the bloodiest of the last ten years with civilian killing increased 15 percent as compared to the same period in the last year. If the trend continues so, Afghans should be ready for more bloody days.

It is not the matter of security of a few province or cities. Afghans desire security in every corner of their country. For that, international community requires to support Afghanistan for longer terms, not merely until 2014.