Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, August 19th, 2019

Ghazni and 2013

The now and then changing political and security environment in Afghanistan has deep negative impacts on the reconstruction process going on in the country. Many of the private security firms have been either closed down by Afghan government or have been given a deadline to stop their operations after certain period of time.

This has caused many of the development works to stop in the insecure districts. The movement of security towards further deterioration has fuelled this problem. More than 90 percent of districts of Afghanistan are under varying influence or control of the insurgents. This is what the government itself admits. The government claims to be strong enough to protect Afghanistan against its enemies, albeit ground realities speak out something else and seems like the government is stuck in finding solution to its internal problems.

Ghazni one of the most populated provinces of Afghanistan and roughly one and half hour drive from capital Kabul has been one of danger zones in the last ten years.

The main routes connecting districts of Ghazni to each other are extremely dangerous for traveling as Taliban are leaving no opportunity to attack government and innocent people in this historical province. In many districts the government has no role and people refer to Taliban for solving their social and legal issues.

In Ghazni – that has been selected as Center of Islamic Civilization for 2013 – security condition has become the worst these days. The Muslim World has not only opted Ghazni as the center of Islamic civilization but also several Muslim countries and international organizations have committed to fund the development projects there.

According to Ghazni provincial authorities, except some small projects, no prominent construction work is underway that can change Ghazni to look like a real center of Islamic civilization in 2013. Due to bad security we are losing a national pride.

As we are moving towards further chaos in Afghanistan, the fate of reconstruction process goes vaguer. Restoration of cultural and historical heritages of Ghazni is also a part of this process. It is doubted that Ghazni – keeping in view the current pace of work and government's unwillingness - would not be ready to host the world as a center of Islamic civilization in 2013.