Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 19th, 2024

Protecting Young Democracy

Since the fall of the Taliban regime, still the people of Afghanistan are suffering form challenges like mounting insecurity, widespread corruption, unemployment, social and political inequality and most importantly ethnic conflicts. These are the most crucial challenge Afghans face in the post Taliban phase of development, Afghans elected government, which had the national and international supports completely, failed to manage and lead the social conflicts and political and security crisis.

The 9/11 terroristic attacks united the world and there was an international consensus to rebuild Afghanistan and restore peace and security in the country by flush out al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters and to solve the political and security problem of Afghanistan and protect the Afghan people, now instead of solving the problem the it became much more complex. The security situation is deteriorating day by day. The U.S. strategy was “clear, hold and build” clear the country from the Taliban and build the state. Now Taliban are determined to recapture Afghanistan it means that mission is not complete yet. 

The security situation and the life condition of Afghans are not improved and if the international forces leave Afghanistan, Afghan are not able to improve the situation. Leaving Afghanistan in this serious situation means handing it to the Taliban and accepting military defeat.

Though, The international community has been committed and helpful and generously supported Afghans to emerge from decades of war and oppression, but unfortunately Afghans rulers failed to utilize properly this golden chance and opportunities which after decades of war was provided for tormented people of Afghanistan. At least the three decades of the recent Afghan history have shown that domestic conflict management is crucial.

American troop withdrawal is as matter of serious debate, because the outlook of US soldiers leaving the country has made the people of Afghanistan extremely worried. It is because if the international troops leave, the Taliban will overrun Afghanistan and Afghanistan will fall immediately into the hands of the Taliban. The Taliban will reestablish their inhuman and misogynic regime. They will hostage the Afghan people and make Afghanistan a safe heaven for international terrorism. 

Afghanistan along its political history suffered from political instability, economical injustice and social conflicts. While the main purpose of existence or establishment of any government is to bring and to ensure the security of its citizens. Nation building, state construction is one the chief responsibility of international backed Afghan government.

Afghans need a homegrown solution for their problems though regional and international powers are involve in Afghanistan issues using it as a battlefield of their interests. The regional and international consensus and support is crucial but it is not enough because the first elected government of Afghanistan had the support of all the regional and international community, but internally Afghans were not ready to solve their longstanding political problem with the help of international community. The government failed to peaceably settle their different wills and create the economic opportunity and rebuild the economic educational infrastructures.

Further more, there is another threat emerging in many parts of Afghanistan, IS or Daesh, which is a great concern for the new formed National Unity Government as well international community. It is already reported that many militants including some of their leaders announced their allegiance to Daesh while Afghan government so far not successfully tackled Taliban militancy. 

Political injustice and social inequalities Hampers productivity, lowers morale, causes more and continued conflicts, and causes inappropriate behaviors. The previous Afghan government not only could solve the problem but deepen these challenges. On the other hand, Taliban as a tool are used by national and international power to protect their interests, Afghanistan became the central front in the war on terror. Elements inside and outside Afghanistan are struggling to pave the way for political power or leading the political system towards Talibanization. Overcoming this threat requires military and political efforts. In addition, Afghanistan is a country where most of the people live in remote areas the central government has to provide them the life facilities to win their trusts and supports before militants like Taliban and Daesh reach there.

Whether it is Taliban or Daesh, Afghan government should defeat militancy at any cost. Further more, the people of Afghanistan, political parties with the help of international community have to protect the young democracy and found solution for their domestic problems.