Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Political and Social Awareness

Man is a social and political animal; he has to live in a society that has its social, political and economic systems. He is bound to be influenced by them and influence them. Therefore, it is necessary that he must understand the different ways through which these systems influence him and should also learn the ways through which he can affect the environment around him. Moreover, being sensible and prudent specie, he must also be careful enough to have positive effects on the society, not negative.
As a member of a state and society, a person cannot be free of responsibilities and duties. If he has certain positions and status, he has roles and responsibilities as well. He cannot neglect them and turn his face away from them. He has to face them, challenge them and even strive to change them for better.
Nevertheless, it must not go unmentioned that a person from his birth does not possess enough understanding of the social roles and responsibilities. He has to be taught. There are different institutions and groups that can play a tremendous role in this regard. Among them the family, relatives, educational institution, peers, social circles, and religious institutions are the most dominant ones. Unfortunately, different groups and institutions in our society have not been able to highlight the true worth of social life and existence. Individual, therefore, lacks the basic understanding and requirements of socio-political awareness. He is taught to live his life in the way that suits his individuality. Therefore, he proves to be a selfish being, mostly considering his personal benefits and advantages everywhere.   
In fact, the attitude that is required for being a vigilant member of the society is not nourished properly within an individual in our society. In most of the cases, an individual never realizes that he can have a role for the solution of the problems that are persistent in the society. He accepts them as they are and tries to adjust among them. As a matter of fact, he hesitates to come out of his comfort zone.
This attitude needs to be changed. One of the most important steps in this regard is to have the courage to play a role within a society in a constructive manner. Solution-oriented attitude can play a tremendous role in this regard. An individual needs to make sure that he has a role, in some way or the other, in the resolution of conflicts within the community or society. Some people try to avoid conflicts and remain limited to their comfort zone; however, such an attitude would never help them be a responsible being. Apart from the resolution of the conflict, an individual must strive not to let the conflict be built and go out of control. In short, he needs to play an active role in the conflict and stop hiding himself behind others in such situation.
For being socially aware it is necessary that an individual should enhance his sensitivity towards the social justice and harmony. He should have the capacity to judge others and their actions as per the demands of justice not as per their social status, appearance or wealth. He needs to understand what the basic rights of the human beings are and must strive to take care of them. Moreover, he must analyze the social and political decisions in the society on the basis of justice, not on the basis of ethno-centric biases.
An important way of achieving socio-political awareness is to have more information about the society around. It is important for an individual to know about the social issues and evils and try to play a role, no matter how small, in their eradication.
It is definitely easier to live a lonely life and always be confined to one’s comfort zone. However, it is really important for socio-politically conscious individual to come out of his comfort zone and be counted within the social life. It is also important that an individual should be the part of diversity, and must strive to intermingle with others so as to learn from them. It will also develop a sense of tolerance for others and supports in maintaining harmony.
Showing compassion and empathy can play an incredible part in getting closer to others and tightening the social bonds. Realizing the pain of others when they are hurt and understanding their position is really imperative to invigorate the social responsibility. Courtesy and responsiveness are also necessary in this regard. It is also important for an individual, who desires to develop socio-political consciousness, to be ready to listen to others and ask them for feedback regarding his attitude and behavior.
Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that the boundary between what is social and what is personal should never be violated as it is one of the basic requirements of consciousness. Being overly social may disrupt the social bonds and affiliations, and may even generate conflicts.