Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Karzai’s Best Ever Decision

Here comes the best ever decision of President Hamid Karzai in the last ten years. Deeming the role of youth very vital for the future of Afghanistan, the Karzai government is sending youths from all thirty four provinces of Afghanistan for pursuing higher education abroad. This time, the government will bear all the expenses. In this regard a special ceremony was held in the presidential palace on Sunday, 14 August. Talking to the youths selected for government sponsored foreign scholarships, President Karzai said, "This the best ever decision, I have made in the last ten years.

Because it is equivalent to the decision Amanullah Khan made 80 years back from today which resulted in development of our country, Afghanistan." There is no doubt that every step taken towards development, peace and prosperity of Afghanistan is the best step.

It is greatly appreciable that youths have been selected from all provinces of Afghanistan and the concentration of government has not been a particular group of people or area. Gone are the days, when entry to Afghanistan universities was allowed only for certain groups of Afghan population.

Thanks to the international community's support to the education sector of Afghanistan. One of its efforts has been providing scholarships to Afghans. Today thousands of Afghan students are studying in various countries of the world. Our neighbors, near neighbors, countries in Middle East and Europe, the US and many other countries of the world have gone sponsoring Afghans to pursue their education up to Ph.D level in the last decade. Such trend must continue as it is the only way to a bright Afghanistan.

Apart from Afghan students sponsored by governments, thousands others are getting higher education in the dozens private and government universities inside Afghanistan. Noteworthy! A significant number of private institutes of higher education have been established after the fall of Taliban government in late 2001. There is a perfect competition among these institutes which is all in the benefit of the youths of Afghanistan.

More education means more success. Every step taken to encourage people towards getting education helps in opening a new window of development for Afghanistan.