Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Eid and Blessings of the Holy Month

Today is the last of the holy month of Ramadan. At the end of this holy month, all Muslims around the world celebrate three days of Eid, with happy events and celebrations. This is the biggest festival for Muslims. Three days of celebrations are to thank God for all blessings on humanity. After 30 days of fast, self-restraint from all sins, faithful around the world celebrate to thank God for all His bestows.

Eid is an occasion for people to meet family, friends and neighbors to share the joy of this celebration. According to the teachings of Islam and what Allah has asked His faithful men, the holy month of Ramadan is a month of blessings, forgiveness, kindness, brotherhood and love of humanity.

But unfortunately Afghanistan gripped with devastating violence and terror, is deprived the actual blessings of this month due to the forces of darkness who even do not stop violence in respect to this holy month.

This Ramadan, the first day was started with a tragic news of suicide attack by Taliban. It became a trend. Though Allah says this is a month of love and peace, the militants made it a month of violence and bloodshed. There have been several suicide bombings and attacks in this month of Ramadan. The forces of darkness come to the height of cowardice by sending children as suicide bombers and attacking defenseless civilians.

A couple of days ago, a latest video of Taliban atrocity has been put up online. In this clip, apparently in Paktia, a group of Taliban militants are executing a man with rocket. He is being stood on ground, and a rocket fired.

The clip also shows very graphic scenes of the man torn into pieces. Is this the way Allah Almighty has commanded faithful men? Very sadly and unfortunately, when the Talib fires rocket, others shout Allah Akbar [Allah is Great] in jubilation and praise each other with sentences like, "how enjoyable it was".

This clip is a recent incident from a couple of months ago in Paktia. Some people say Taliban have changed from what atrocities they perpetuated during their rule, but the recent clip is just a reminder that the forces of evil and darkness have not changed.

They do not respect the holiness of this month when Allah Almighty ask his humans to be kind and peaceful. On the other hand, the people of Afghanistan, who are faithful Muslims, have kept quite on such atrocity at the hands of Taliban.

If it was an incident outside the country in any western state, our people would have started countrywide protest demonstrations burning property of innocent people. But they keep mum on atrocities like the execution of a man with rocket by Taliban.

In such a situation when bomb blasts, suicide attacks and all kinds of atrocities are at peak, how could the people of Afghanistan have a joyous Eid and celebration?
Besides the violence, there are other double-standard show of extreme hypocrisy in our society.

God says Ramadan is a month of blessings and kindness, when His men help those in need. But we here in Afghanistan practice the opposite. With arrival of Ramdan and Eid days, prices of all commodities and food items go skyrocketing.

In the western world, what we call infidel and non-believers, on events of religious festivities and celebrations, traders do not make an artificial dumping of goods to take the prices high, as common in our society. May Allah Almighty guide us to being decent humans and faithful in the true sense.