Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, July 11th, 2020

On Massoud’s 10th Anniversary

The nation marked 10th anniversary of the national hero martyred Ahmed Shah Massoud yester day across the country starting the Martyrs Weeks to commemorate the anti-Taliban resistance leaders like Abdul Ali Mazari, Abdul Haq and many other legends. The main event was held in Kabul, attended by senior Government officials including Vice President Fahim, Mujahideen leaders and foreign envoys including the US Ambassador Ryan Crocker.

President Karzai did not attend the ceremony. Speakers, mostly former Jihadi leaders, emphasized on national unity in Afghanistan saying it's key for the problems of Afghanistan. Another grand ceremony marking the anniversary was held in the National Hero's hometown of Panjshir, where former NDS Chief Amrullah Saleh and former National Assembly Speaker Younas Qanooni laid floral wreaths.

The loss of a leader was no less tragedy for Afghanistan, than 9/11 for the US. Two days before the World Trade Center was hit, Al-Qaeda terrorists, who had introduced themselves as journalists, blew themselves while interviewing Massoud on September 9, 2001. The Arab Al-Qaeda members Dahmane Abd al-Sattar and Bouraoui el-Ouaer sent in the guise of journalists had set off explosives in a belt worn by the cameraman.

Those were the toughest days for the anti-Taliban constituency of Afghanistan. Forces of Northern Alliance were in high spirit resisting the Taliban. Afghan Diaspora around the world were alert to news 24/4. Afghans around the world had tied all-out hope to resistance by NA forces, led by Massoud and other commanders.

The masses knew Massoud would not retreat or surrender like many others. But suddenly it was that tragic news of the martyrdom of the resistance leader that spread around the world as a fire in jungle. Though the anti-Taliban constituency of Afghanistan had already lost great leaders like Abdul Haq and Mazari, the death of Massoud ruined the remaining hopes.

There have been different views about the incident of Massoud's martyrdom. The Taliban leader Mullah Omar knew of Al-Qaeda's plan, and supported Osama bin Ladin giving a green signal to the 9/11 attacks, in reward to the death of a great resistance leader Massoud by Al-Qaeda bombers.

Speaking at the ceremony in Kabul, Wali Massoud, brother of the slain national martyr demanded the Government to do an official investigation about the martyrdom of Massoud. It must be reminded that masses should not place hope to the current Administration for any such investigation.

President Karzai might have shown another gesture of good will to Taliban by remaining absent from the 10th anniversary of Massoud. What could we expect his administration to do with any investigation? President Karzai has not only failed to promote national unity and political pluralism in the country during his two terms, to the contrary, he has split the national political arena with his infamous moves. The latest example is the game of parliamentary crisis.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of a great resistance leader, the people of Afghanistan, particularly from the anti-Taliban constituency, should not forget that Massoud resisted Taliban to his last drop of blood. Today we urge the political leaders and Mujahideen veterans not to trade on blood of the national hero. They must pressurize the Karzai Administration to stop appeasing Taliban, who have not shown any willingness to give up violence and join the peace process.