Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 20th, 2018

The Political Games

In Afghanistan, politics has turned into a notorious profession. People do not consider it honorable and do not have a positive opinion about the politicians and their activities. Though politicians have one of the most important responsibilities of taking care of the affairs of the state and, therefore, should have an honorable position in the society; they are thought to be treacherous and difficult to believe. Recently, the activities of the present government in particular and politicians in general have made the people lose their confidence on politics. They have started believing that the current political system would not heal their wounds and address their issues. This has also resulted in depreciation of legitimacy of the government and the political leaders, which is something very alarming and may result in chaos and anarchy in the times to come. And, Afghanistan that needs to solve most of its issues through political means, cannot afford to face such a scenario.   
One of the basic reasons that politics has been ridiculed is the performance and the attitude of the politicians. Like all the other fields of life, it is also important in politics that the politicians must have the basic understanding of politics or even should have the formal education in this regard as it is the age of specialization. Unfortunately, that is not the case – today those people become politicians who have financial support, enjoy good reputation in the society, belong to the elite or the authoritative strata of the society or are the landlords or belong to different sorts of mafia.
They join politics only to maintain their status in the society or to gain power so as to achieve their personal goals. They, in fact, have no consideration for human welfare and betterment. Though they are dependent on people for favor, they do not know how to respond to the people. They do not understand their basic problems and do not have any sort of familiarity with the dynamics of politics and political changes. With such a scenario at hand, it is very much possible that politics is further humiliated and degraded in our society.
It can be said without a tinge of doubt that politicians have not been very much skilled in their jobs and they have made politics a filthy business. Though we have myriads of problems, the politicians instead of solving those problems tend to pursue their own gains. The socio-political circumstances in Afghanistan are clear to all. There are various troubles we are experiencing. We are facing different social, economic and political challenges and the fact is that we are not prepared at all to overcome them. Years of wars and instability have further decreased our abilities to overcome these challenges. Along with these problems, there is corruption, which has completely dominated our administrative system. Extremism and terrorism have become an integral part of our society and our people are being threatened to a large extent. Instability and chaos are creating hurdles in the way to establish order, stability and sustainability.
The current chaos is, no doubt, because of our politicians as everyone can experience that they have made politics a mockery. They, in the true sense of politics, are answerable to both the system and the people, but that is not the case in our society.
Politicians are to serve the people, facilitate the people with their rudimentary requirements, lead the nation towards stability and welfare, solve the issues and fulfill their responsibilities as much as possible. Unluckily in our case, the politicians elude the people, pursue their own benefits, mislead the nation, never work for political order, use the issues for their political interests and do not have sense of responsibility.
At the same time, blaming the other countries for the disorders and disturbances has been one of the tactics of our political leaders to dodge the attention of the people from their own weaknesses. Unfortunately, we become the victims to such intentions and get prepared to believe such ideas as a result of our blind patriotism. As a matter of fact, in such a way we are ripe to be used by them the way they would like.
It is important to note that a little political cognizance can make us comprehend the games that are being played by our politicians. On certain instances they make us imagine of an ideal society and on other they smack us with the unkind reality to return to the practical world. In such a scenario we neither understand the reality nor the falsehood. It must be kept in consideration that the reaction and attitude of the people have to be considered liable as well for the prevailing chaos and commotion in the society. If the politicians are not able to govern appropriately, they are also not able to fulfill their responsibilities and understand the trickery of the politicians. It is really essential for them to remain vigilant and raise voice against such attitude of the politicians.