Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 9th, 2020

After Ten Years, Afghanistan Still a Theater of Suicide Attacks

Afghan people do believe that September 11 events provided them with an opportunity to get rid of a brutal regime that had pushed the country to the dark ages. This regime was the hard-line Taliban that had harbored Al-Qaeda operatives and other terrorists from the region and beyond. These terrorists operated from Afghanistan to bring the twin towers down and kill around 3,000 people.

This incident shocked the world in general and the U.S. in particular. But it became a turning point for Afghan people, who were ruled by and fighting against the hosts of those terrorists that reached out to the twin towers, the financial nerves of the world's most powerful country, to liberate, stabilize and democratize their country once and for good.

The country that was attacked became the main ally, supporter and donor of the country where the attack was plotted and organized. So ten years have elapsed since that horrific event. But these ten years were unique opportunity for Afghanistan to emerge as a strong democratic state and prosperous future because many countries of the world were in Afghanistan investing in blood and treasure to secure, stabilize and make it prosper.

Afghan authorities and people had to seize this chance to get rid of evils and emerge as developed and proud nation among the comity of nations. The first years of international presence in Afghanistan were full of hopes but since 2006 the country has once again turned into a theater of terrorist operations/suicide attacks, roadside bombings.

On the occasion of 9/11 anniversary, NATO commander in Afghanistan has said that international community is winning the war against the Taliban insurgents. General Allen has also said that on the occasion of memorial to those who lost their life ten years ago in the vicious terrorist attacks he can claim that international forces in Afghanistan are on the way to victory and triumph.

Although this triumph is a common one for international community and Afghan people, Afghan people are less satisfied with the existing situation and almost hopeless about the future as international forces have begun to leave Afghanistan while the Taliban still nourish their dream for a violent Islamic emirate that could host any force that could attack the west and their interests.

Such an Islamic emirate will brutalize the people who may be different from the Taliban inside the country as well. So there is a common interlinked destiny that has to be shaped by Afghan people and international community together.