Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, July 9th, 2020

No Plan to Make Afghan Independent of Aid

Over the last few years, Afghan government has been trying how to put an end to the violence. Violence is an integral part of the Taliban insurgency that may not cease until they reach their goals wholesale. The government has reached to the conclusion that this violence can be brought to an end by recognizing them as a legal entity and legitimate movement and bring them to power structure.

This effort has taken the whole time, energy and sources of the government. As a result, the government has not been able to pay attention to the other aspects of development such as economic restoration.

International community is withdrawing and they are going to withdraw the aid and assistance as well. Politically, there is no functioning political structures are left behind to continue to work to maintain and improve law and order in the country and deliver services to Afghan people.

From economic perspective, there is no sustainable economic system built to continue to generate jobs for Afghan people and save them from becoming drug addicts and survive the hardship of life without good income resources.

Afghan government does not have any strategic vision for the future of Afghanistan and after 2014 as well. The withdrawal of international forces and reduction in aid and lack of strategy on the part of Afghan government have together created a real concern among Afghan people.

This concern is legitimate to a great extent. The government is not addressing the corruption as well so that it can pave the way for continued international assistance and in the meanwhile clear the ground for better use of the international aid that is still flowing into the country to be invested properly and effectively so that Afghanistan is led to having a sustainable economic system and structure developed.

The EU special representative, Vygaudas Ušackas, has said post-transition Afghanistan will require significant assistance from the international community for the foreseeable future.

Speaking at the Rîga Conference, a major foreign and security policy forum in Northern Europe, he has said that the EU would remain committed to forging a long-term partnership with Afghanistan.

But he stressed that examples of conflict states had proved that nations must eventually be independent from aid and find ways of identifying, developing and utilising their own resources to support nation-building.

Unfortunately this is the forgotten part of the effort in Afghanistan and Afghan government is indulged in what is power struggle and ethnic considerations.