Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, November 19th, 2018

Insecurity is Running Rampant

The security situation in Afghanistan seems to be deteriorating with each passing day. It seems that the insurgents have turned more aggressive after the aggressive Afghan policy of the United States. Only in the past week, there have been many incidents that have devoured the lives of both the security personnel and civilians. In some attacks, there have been efforts to start a sectarian war in Afghanistan; while in others, the security personnel have been targeted so that the Afghan government can be shown the strength that the insurgents claim to possess.
In an attack on Saturday, October 21, 15 cadets were killed, and four others were wounded, when the bus they were traveling in was targeted in a suicide bombing in Kabul. The blast reportedly happened at the gate of the Marshal Fahim Military Academy near Qambar square. The incident happened only hours after an early morning rocket attack hit Kabul. At least three rockets were fired at foreign facilities at about 6am in the morning. 
Meanwhile, on Friday, October 20, another suicide bomber hit Imam Zaman mosque in Dasht-e-Barchi in Kabul city. The attack resulted in the death of around 50 people and injury to many others. The attack evidently targeted the Hazara community, as Dasht-e-Barchi is dominated by Hazara residents. There have been similar attacks on Hazaras in Afghanistan in the past couple of years, mostly claimed by Daesh.
Similarly, an attack was carried out in a mosque in Ghor province on the same day that resulted in the death of around 35 people. Both these attack could be linked in the sense that they were carried out in mosques, and they could be an effort to start a sectarian clash in Afghanistan. 
In addition, three other attacks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week, took the lives of more than 100 security forces in Kandahar, Paktia and Ghazni provinces.
Through these incidents the insurgents want to distract the Afghan forces, authorities and people. They want to show that they are still strong and, at the same time, they have the ill intentions of starting a civil war in Afghanistan on ethnic and sectarian basis. 
It is really vital for Afghan people and authorities not to get distracted as the terrorists and enemies of Afghanistan want. They should be responsible and sensible enough to remain united and face the ongoing challenges with required will and determination. The terrorists want them to be disunited so that they are able to launch their filthy objectives. They want to ignite another civil war so that Afghanistan is not able to come out of instability and chaos; therefore, it is vital to see the traces of the conspiracy that is being built in the country.
It is really unfortunate for Afghanistan that even after so many sacrifices that are given by the country, the prospects of peace and tranquility are not very optimistic. The insecurity seems to be on the rise in different parts of the country and the response of the relevant authorities are not truly effective. It seems the authorities do not have any clear idea about how to tackle the situation and help the country go through this crucial period with triumph, and now the people are being distracted as well, which is making the task even more challenging. 
On the other hand, Taliban and Daesh have spread their networks in different provinces and everyday show their presence in some way or the other. Sometimes they target the innocent civilians and at others they target the security personnel. Afghan security forces, on most of the occasions, take actions only after such incidents and calm down the situation temporarily. When the situation seems to be normalized, the insurgents again move forward and make their attacks. In fact, the security forces do not seem to have a proactive approach, which may be because of lack of any clear strategy in the top rankings of the government officials, who, themselves, are involved in their own differences instead of standing united to counter the growing threats of Taliban and Daesh.
If the authorities do not get really serious and determined to solve the security issues, it may start haunting Afghanistan to a great extent and may even undo the achievements that have been acquired in the last 14 years or so. The insurgents will keep on carrying out their activities and terrorize the people of Afghanistan like they are doing now. The current situation clearly highlights the fact that the insurgents are not even inclined towards peace process.
However, before any hopes of acquiring peace and tranquility can be turned into reality, the security forces and government authorities must make sure that they fulfill their responsibilities with determination and untiring efforts. Definitely, Afghan people have given many sacrifices and after so many sacrifices, it is important that Afghanistan should see a future full of peace and tranquility; however, for that to happen it is imperative that Afghan leadership must prove itself capable of designing and following a workable strategy to counter terrorism in true sense.