Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Security Situation Remains Fragile

It seems like the security situation in Afghanistan does not seem to have calmed down with the start of the winter season. Neither there are evident hopes of peace negotiations, nor the offensive against the militants seems to have achieved something worthwhile. There are many parts of the country where the insurgents are in a state of fighting with Afghan security forces. Moreover, the security situation in the capital Kabul does not seem to be in total control. Recently, there have been various attacks in the capital that have raised serious concerns about the future of peace and stability in the city. 
In one of such attacks on Tuesday, October 31, a suicide bomber ripped through the city’s heavily-fortified diplomatic area of Wazir Akbar Khan. The attack killed at least seven people and injured around 21 people. According to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), which has an office in the 14th Street of Wazir Akbar Khan, the explosion happened close to its building but it said that the ministry was not the target. The suicide bomber reportedly entered the area through a park that borders the zone and was able to penetrate the layers of security and gain access directly into the highly-fortified area that houses numerous embassies, some government offices, guesthouses and a few private companies. 
The attack once again raises questions about the security arrangements in the city. Though there appear to be many check points and, normally, people have to go through tight security checks before than can reach such an area, the easy access of the insurgents to such areas raises many questions about the quality of the security provided. On many occasions, the insurgents have reached to highly protected areas in the heart of Kabul city with an immense quantity of explosives; sometimes, truck-loads of them. Whereas the security authorities have remained clueless.
The fact is remains solid that the overall security situation in Afghanistan is getting really serious and it is very important to consider the situation seriously so as to be able to have better prospects of peace and tranquility. The Taliban and Daesh have become so much bold and active that they are not afraid of targeting even the most guarded places; at the same time, they have become so cowardly that they are not afraid of targeting the civilians more frequently now. They intend to disrupt the security situation and want to show their strength as a response to the aggressive US security policy announced recently, so that they must not be understood as defeated.
The current gloomy reports about security situation show how insecurity and terrorism have been threatening the lives of the common people in Afghanistan. The common people, after suffering from decades of war and bloodshed deserve a relatively peaceful life. They have given so many sacrifices and now they hope that they would have tranquil life in the times to come. However, there is no guarantee that their hopes would turn into reality.
The common masses in Afghanistan really worry about the deterioration in security as they are basically the ones who have been suffering and may suffer to a further extent if instability and terrorism prevail in the country. It is really pathetic to see the civilians losing their lives when they have nothing to do with the war. In the economically unstable and war-torn country like Afghanistan, people have not only suffered the hardships of the poor and miserable lives but also the horrors of war. They have been killed mercilessly as if their lives do not have any value or meaning and it is important to see that the Taliban and Daesh insurgents are mostly behind the demise of the poor civilians. It is really unfortunate to note that they still remain powerful enough to conduct their merciless efforts to target the innocent civilians.
Different attacks, bombings, shootings and suicide bombings of the vicious guardians of the so-called holy war have only been able to target the children, women and non-military figures. With the presence of such facts, it is weird to find Taliban and Daesh calling themselves friendly to Afghan people. They have been trying to develop an image of caring and affectionate body that is trying to liberate the people of Afghanistan from the Western forces. But the fact is just on the contrary. They just want power and for that they will never hesitate to sacrifice the poor Afghan people. If they come to power, it is evident that Afghan people will never have peace, contentment and above all their due rights.
It is the right of all the people of Afghanistan to be provided security and the opportunities to live their lives without any threat and fear of insurgents. They have been undergoing the hardships of political, social and economic instability for centuries now and the insecurity has been ben main culprit in this regard. Therefore, it is essential that their cries should be heard and their futures and the futures of their coming generations should be guaranteed through peaceful environment.