Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Science Must Support Peace

No one can deny the fact that science has an indispensable role within human society. There is no human society in the world that does not use science in some way or the other. From the daily life to the rare circumstances, whenever and wherever human beings have faced problems, science has helped them in some way or the other. Today, it is impossible to take the society back to the old age when there were no scientific inventions and discoveries. Therefore, it is very vital that human beings must make sure that they take advantage of the science as much as possible.
However, there are certain instances and examples that show that science is not always used for peace, tranquility and development. Bloody wars and clashes within human societies have shown that science has provided assistance to the lethal weapons that have capacity to bring destruction and chaos within human world. However, there are arguments that suggest that it is not the science itself that is evil; rather, its negative use makes it so.  
As a matter of fact, science can be best used for peace and development. Throughout its history, science has proved that and it can keep on doing that if human beings intend to do so, individually and collectively. However, the important point is that they should realize this fact that their survival and prosperity lie in the positive use of science and technology.
To emphasize the same fact, every year November 10 is celebrated as the World Science Day for Peace and Development around the world. The day was proclaimed by United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) General Conference (Resolution 31C/ 20) in 2001 to recall the commitment made at the UNESCO-ICSU World Conference on Science. The purpose of celebrating the day is to renew the national, as well as the international commitment to science for peace and development and to stress the responsible use of science for the benefit of society. The World Science Day for Peace and Development also aims at raising public awareness of the importance of science and to bridge the gap between science and societies.
There is no doubt in the fact that one of the most crucial requirements for a society to develop is peace and tranquility. Without sustainable peace, thinking of prosperity is nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination. With peace, a society would be on the track of a healthy evolution and it would be able to concentrate on many other issues that are hurdle in the way to bliss and contentment. In the journey from the first human societies to today’s modern world, wherein human beings call themselves civilized and the best of all the creatures, there have always been fluctuations between peace and war. Unfortunately, no peace has been forever and fortunately, no war has lasted long. Wars have always devastated human civilizations, killed millions of human beings, brought miseries and pains and yet they have not been rejected as unnecessary and this fact is really very painful.
It is difficult to believe that knowing the horrors of wars, human beings have always considered them necessary and almost all the nations in the world are really ready for wars. There are many important requirements that are neglected in the society and science and technology are utilized to make a nation ready for launching war and strong militarily. It is weird to note that there are many countries on the face of earth that would not utilize blessings of science for improving the standard of the living of the people but would spend them magnanimously on acquiring modern weaponry. In fact, human beings are preparing for their own destruction and extinction consciously.
Just consider the amount and the characteristics of modern weaponry; they have the tendency to raze human beings from the surface of the earth completely. The magnitude of weapons of mass destruction at the disposal of world nations can even destroy the entire earth several times.
Unluckily, some of the human beings are of the view that peace can only be achieved through wars and therefore, wars are necessary in human societies. This is the biggest misconception human beings have ever had. War does not and cannot bring peace; it in its nature is destructive. Even if war brings peace that is only after the entire human civilization is erased. Would a peace, in a world without human beings, be required at all?

Definitely, the deadly silence that the wars may bring does not guarantee peace, rather that is the sign of lifeless existence. Unfortunately, many developed nations in the world today forget this fact and promote their military strength. They even consider the study of wars as educational subjects that are formally taught within educational institutions. War is considered an art while the achievement of peace is considered only a dream, which is really unfortunate. As human beings, we need to realize the fact that thinking of human survival and working for peace and tranquility is not living in a dream but pursuing a real objective. And, science should serve human beings in that pursuit.