Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Unemployment Promotes Insecurity and Terrorism

Though insecurity and terrorism are considered as the most dominant problems of Afghanistan, they are dominated and in certain cases even caused by another major issue that has not received much attention by the relevant authorities. The issue is that of unemployment. A thorough deliberation and analysis of the circumstances in Afghanistan will definitely favor the notion that unemployment is the root of many other social evils, among which insecurity and terrorism are the most dominant ones. Now, they have grown so serious and huge that they have overshadowed the root cause; therefore, we fail to address the key issue and keep on facing the outcomes. Even if we control the issue of terrorism and insecurity to a certain extent for the time being, it would only be a temporary solution because the evil of unemployment will soon create circumstances that will pave the way for them.
Another disadvantage of the prevailing unemployment is that we are not able to utilize human resource in the way we can and we should. Afghan youngsters who are full of potentials and have the capacity to play a dominant role in the economic wellbeing of the country are pushed towards the activities that will ultimately prove to be detrimental for the society as a whole. Most unfortunate is the fact that the youngster who spend a considerable part of their lives in getting education and learning different skills are not absorbed within different professions; therefore, their education and skills are wasted in the most unfortunate manner. This does not waste a useful resource but it also encourages the youngsters to take part in destructive activities.   
It is now an undeniable fact that unemployment, if left unattended, would ultimately promote negativity and destruction both in the lives of the individuals and the society. Who can deny the fact that currently one of the basic reasons for the growing insecurity and rising rate of drug addiction is unemployment?
The capable youth who find no job opportunities join the ranks of the terrorists readily. The terrorists are ready to pay them and their families handsome amount for different evil tasks. Since, there are many parts of the country that have turned into markets for terrorists and terrorism, unemployed youth could be the most suitable commodity for them.
Moreover, frustration that may result from the lack of employment is another issue that the youngsters have to deal with. Because of family pressure and the psychological problems that arise from idleness, youngsters fail to keep integrity in their personalities and become the victims of social isolation and drug abuse. The rising rate of drug addiction throughout the country is a clear example. Many youngsters, having lost every hope and optimism in their lives, can be found lost in the filth of addicting drugs along the drains and on the garbage at different places. Can such youngster play a positive role for the future of the country?
Moreover, there are many youngsters who have lost all the hopes from the country and have fled to other countries for better future. Though some of them have reached to their intended destination, there are many who have not been successful in doing so. Some of them even lost their lives on the way; while there are many who are still on the way with their fates undecided.   
The government, on the other hand, has promised several times that it would create jobs for the citizens. However, those promises have not been able to become realities. Instead, the government seems over-dominated by the issue of insecurity. Thus, it appears that the government is only looking at the leaves, and cutting the ones that are autumn-stricken instead of strengthening the tree as a whole by watering its roots. Unless the government is able to eradicate unemployment, it will never be successful in its endeavors to uproot insecurity and terrorism.
At the same time, it must not be forgotten that Afghanistan’s economic system can only be strengthened when the capable and skilled individuals participate in strengthening the economic system. Especially the youngsters who get qualified from universities must be given opportunities to present and use their education and skills in the profession of their choice and interest. Young blood equipped with determination and patriotism can definitely play a significant role; all they need is equitable treatment from the prevailing system. The energy from youngster is the only force that can defeat the curse of terrorism and rising instability. It can also start a new era of economic wellbeing and self-sufficiency. But, the government must start taking practical measures before it is too late. Unless the promises are converted into practical steps it is very difficult to expect any change in the ongoing situation. Moreover, equal job opportunities must be created for girls and women as well as they form an integral part of Afghan populace and can play a tremendous role in improving Afghan economic system.