Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

We Need to Guide the Changes

Changes within individual and social lives of human beings are indispensable. They are bound to occur. In fact, changes are responsible to make human personalities and human societies evolve. There is no way to escape them, therefore, it would be better to understand them or the patterns in them so that the way to prognostication and planning can be paved, and there could be efforts to coup with the changes. However, within social life, prognosticating the changes and planning for them are a very difficult task as there are different variables involved within the making of social reality.
It is imperative to look at the changes in a scientific manner so that they can be comprehended properly. It is believed that if human beings do not understand the changes and guide them towards desired directions, the changes are bound to guide human beings. In such a scenario, the changes become dominant, while human beings and their society are determined by those changes. This generates a situation wherein human acumen and understanding are undermined and their capacity to be called as the best of the creatures is questioned. Therefore, they must strive to control the changes by managing themselves and bringing order and stability around them.
The changes in the societies that are comparatively more ordered societies are easier to understand. Such societies are marked with political and economic stability and cultural integrity. The paradigmatic approaches can be very helpful in such societies, wherein the course of the changes can be easily traced as they are not marked with frequent fluctuations. Nevertheless, the societies that are marked with instable socio-political and socio-economic setups are difficult to be comprehended and the changes are not traceable even after much struggle.
Another important aspect of the social and political changes is their scope of influence. Some of these changes are not very intense, therefore, they cannot cast much effect on the surroundings, but others may be greater in magnitude with far reaching consequences. The scope of these changes have to be seen in relation with time and space, a particular change at a particular intersection of time and space may prove to be very much meager, while at yet another, it can be of immense impression and importance.
The social and political changes have always bothered human beings. They have been in constant struggle to comprehend their nature and have control over them. In this regard there are researches, studies and mechanisms in societies, with the objective of curbing them appropriately. One of the basic reasons of the formation of a political system was to introduce control within states. This control mechanism is guaranteed by the government in a political system along with other pillars of state. A part from that, the political parties and institutions also play a major role in addressing these changes.
At present scenario, our country Afghanistan is going through a phase of important changes. These changes are not only limited to security and terrorism; rather, a broader and wider change is underway. Afghanistan is moving, though to a very limited extent, from a tribal society to a democratic one. Though the real democratic signs are yet to be found in most parts of the country, there have been movement in that direction to a certain extent.
Unfortunately, this phase of changes is facing myriads of hurdles. The instable political and social setups have further made this period uncertain. The control mechanism itself seems to have lost the focus and devotion. It seems perplexed in the interwoven web of frequent social changes and has been contaminated with intense corruption. It lacks clear vision itself, so how it is possible for it to guide the social and political changes towards a definite goal. The country at the moment is marked with swelling wave of terrorism. Even the securest of all the people are insecure, the international allies do not see eye to eye with the national authorities, the national forces are not completely ready to face the security challenges, the political system is marked with certain incapacities to deal with the diverse political requirements and all these changes have been magnified because of prevailing insecurity. So, the economic future is clearly uncertain and the most tragic fact is that we are completely unprepared.
This period has to be over one day, as happens with every phase of history; but what could this period lead to is of immense importance. This period can either lead us to another chaotic state of affairs wherein we have to wait for a couple of more decades for a transition or it can lead us to position from where we can move towards a successful democratic state. Definitely, the second option is what most of Afghan people desire for, but that is achievable only after prudent, agile and above all sincere efforts on the part of the control mechanism.
Closing our eyes towards changes cannot solve our problems. We need to face them, comprehend them properly and design mechanism to deal with them. It is better to be the master in the process of change, instead of being the slave and being led to the unknown corridors of history.