Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Creation of New Model in Regional Relations

Afghanistan has been and is a battlefield of conflicting interests. These interests are followed in Afghanistan very violently and to the disadvantage of Afghan people. As a result, the pursuit of these interests could be realized through a destabilized and insecure Afghanistan. The presence of international community in Afghanistan over the last ten years has been against the interests of the neighbors that wish to shape things in Afghanistan in such a way that could meet their goals.

These conflicting interests being pursued in Afghanistan have been a main factor contributing to years of war and conflict in the country. Afghan people have not been able to fight back those who violently see their interests in an unstable Afghanistan.

Since Afghanistan's meaningful interaction with international community can serve as a hindrance for them, they have been trying to mobilize public opinion in Afghanistan against the presence of international community and a long term strategic partnership with it.

Over the last months, Afghan government has been in negotiation with the US over a possible strategic partnership agreement to be signed between the two countries. President Karzai's address to the UN General Assembly, which was delivered in absentia by foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul, called for a new paradigm of cooperation between Afghanistan and international community, saying, "As a framework for long-term partnership, we will call for a new paradigm of cooperation between Afghanistan and our partners."

The president cut short his trip to New York after the head of High Peace Council, Buhanuddin Rabbani was assassinated by a man who identified himself as a Taliban peace emissary. It seems that Afghan government, in addition to the ongoing discussions with the US about long-term strategic agreement, is launching a negotiation with European Union as well.

The president wrote in his speech, "These partnerships will help guarantee Afghanistan's security and stability, as well as assist our future economic development. I emphasize that neither our Strategic Partnership with the US nor any other partnerships we will forge in the future shall be a threat to our neighbors or any other country."

The neighbors have been trying to deprive Afghan people from the opportunity to enter into a long-term relation with developed countries. For example, recently, spokesman of Iranian ministry of foreign affairs commented on the assassination of Burhanuddin Rabbani saying that he was Iran's friend and against the strategic agreement between Afghanistan and the US.

This could be the most irresponsible statement because it pays least attention to the interests of Afghanistan itself. One can be sure that Professor Rabbani, who was killed in his efforts for peace in his country, would never prefer Iran's interests over his own country's interests. Afghanistan can create a new model of getting rid of violent neighbors by signing long term partnership with free world and global powers.