Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

Living with Awareness

The society that is suffering from the problems of ignorance and hunger cannot have the luxury of dreaming about prosperity and development and, perhaps, it does not have the right, as well. We, though, keep on talking about prosperity and progress but do not realize that only the nations that have reached to a particular stage of awareness and economic stability can have such dreams; otherwise, striving for such dreams is nothing more than woolgathering.
We, as a nation, are standing on such a stage of ignorance and hunger that the dream of stability and order itself has become a daydream. And for our plight we are worthy of sympathy and criticism and even an excuse, as we have been witnessing few decades of social, political and economic instability and at the same time conflict and wars. Now, the time that we have to mend our all losses seems to be very short and in this short time we have to make up for all the blunders that we have committed.
Though this excuse seems to be valid, we cannot get rid of our responsibilities and have to react as responsible citizens of the country. Yes, this excuse would suffice if in earning the losses that we experienced in the past decades, there had not been our own share; however, that is not the case. In the meanwhile, the role of certain strata in the past tragic phase of history has been very controversial and negative. Unfortunately, they have continued the same in the present as well.
Though there have been certain strata who have been involved negatively in the mentioned phase of history, the role of the ruling elite has been the most dominant one. This particular stratum has been involved mostly in pursuing its own self centered incentives instead of pursuing the interests of the people as a whole. The rich people have been basically busy in accumulating wealth in whatever way possible. They have, in this particular capability, achieved great milestones and since the installation of the so-called democratic political setup and the inflow of the aid money, they have had more opportunities to do so, while the condition of the poor people has remained the same. They have shown great miracles to the people – they have been able to build great building and grow large amount of money over night on the completely barren lands.
If discussed seriously, such people have given great loss to the nation. They have installed a system, wherein the people only value money and they run after wealth. There is no respect for the true social values and ethics. The materialistic gains have become the motive of the life of all the people; however, only they themselves have been able to gain them. For them, it does not matter where the nation stands; the important thing for them is where they themselves have reached. Progress and development have different meanings for them – they think competing with each other by building new designs of houses and buying the latest models of cars is the real progress and development.
The question at this crucial moment is whether the country can go ahead with such a setup, wherein most of the people of the country suffer from hunger and poverty while only few families have all the luxuries of life? Is it just that almost all the people of the country went through era of instability and chaos and mostly the common people gave sacrifices and their whole lives were influenced negatively by socio-political and economic circumstances, yet they remain the most unprivileged stratum? Is it really ethical that by gaining authority the ruling elite has gotten the license of having all the privileges they want and it, at the same time, remains unaccountable?
It is really important to consider all the questions thoroughly and try to find out their true answers. The sort of negative practices and thinking mentioned above have become a part of daily life and soon they will become a part of our nature; therefore, it is necessary to understand them and take action against them before they are able to become irreversible. Unfortunately, the common people are so ignorant that they do not even realize that they are being dodged and their rights are being violated.
It is the demand of better living and higher thinking that the intellectuals in our society must rise to the occasion and strive to let the people know the evils of ignorance they have and must suggest economic reforms and clear changes in the socio-political setup. They have to start a comprehensive movement against ignorance, hunger and poverty. They have to demand for better living standard for the common people; the country does not need large bungalows and latest model cars; it requires schools, colleges, institutions, hospitals, productive farms and efficient industries.  

Moreover, People have to be made vigilant and they need to understand what their basic rights are and what the government is responsible for giving them. Asking for their rights is not something wrong and the government is responsible to facilitate them their due rights. They have to start thinking in a different way and, at the same time, start acting differently; otherwise, the pitiable plight will continue indefinitely.