Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, January 21st, 2019

The Evil of Terrorism

Do we have eyes to see? Do we have ears to listen? Do we have guts to witness that our roads are filled with the blood, many of our children are orphans, our sisters are widowed and our youth are restricted from the potential opportunities; the tears of the mothers and the sigh of the fathers, the dark rooms of the once-delightful homes and the silence in the streets, the horror filled in the eyes, the fire in the hearts of the effected and the laughter of the oppressors, and above all the negligence of the responsible departments of the state, are all the darkness of the terrorism that has prevailed and is increasing its intensity in our country.
Terrorism is not a new phenomenon today; few generations have been fed up with the concept and they have been through its severe consequences. Religion has been a very sacred code of life and it has the message of brotherhood, peace and virtue but, unfortunately, it has been used as profitable a business to be invested in and indulged within the current system of capital hungry vultures. Somalia, Central African Republic, Sudan, South Sudan, Burma, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many more to be counted are the industry output of the same war-based on imperial business.
Afghanistan faces huge and massive social issues, primarily due to terrorism as we have openly let the political players to carry out their business in accordance to their will. So militancy and anarchy furnish and grow as powerful as a second state or system within the state.
In fact, the different players with the help of the extremists in the country have sponsored a mindset that flourished the militancy as strategic assets. The seeds that were sown were bound to turn into trees and bear fruits, which currently we are reaping – there are many factions in our country who promote extremism and militancy as the rudimentary and essential ideology. The so-called clerics condemn the state for the control measures and salute the extremists despite their relationships with the greedy powers sponsoring financially and morally the extremist ideologies of the terrorist groups. They have been very lenient to them and have no other option but to be apologetic. Nation is put to the dilemma and paradoxes, only to give time to the so-called reconciliation and peace process, which is nowhere to be seen. What has, in fact, been achieved is growing terrorism, militancy and victimization of the innocent people. 
While cruelty is being silent, giving the misinformation is the worse case. Where the worst crime is having the responsibility and power to control and still doing nothing, closing our eyes is the blunder, which we all are doing at the moment. Despite the knowledge of the truth and false, manipulation of the events as a second theorem is only an eye wash to keep the nation in worse form to promote the agenda of the enemyies of the nation. The authoritative leaders in our country need to understand that with great power comes great responsibility. They have to use their authorities not to dodge the common people but to guarantee for them a better life as they have promised to do so while acquiring their positions.
Some, but not all, the center of traditional education, called Madrassas, are responsible for feeding the young and empty minds with the garbage of the terrorism, which leads to the militancy in return. These centers were once supported and sponsored by the internal extremists and external players. Taliban at the time of their rule supported and promulgated such centers and used them as their cadre generating institutes. The history is not very kind and it has proved that the lethal weapon of terrorism that was made in our country is now targeting our new generation. The fact is we cannot slay the giant we have fed! But now, the time has reached - the gift of the terrorism that is being exchanged from hand to hand, from the generation to the next, has to be stopped.
This cancer of the nation will destroy the nation, if we do not take proper measures to promote the unity, faith, discipline and education. If we promote harmony and equality to achieve social equity then surely we will get rid of the menace of terrorism. We require strengthening the economy of each individual among the 90% of the nation, rather than strengthening the pockets of the 10% elite, else this cancer will not leave them alive. And, then we have to be hopeful that one day, the tears and the blood, the sigh and the hopelessness will bring the change, which will be proved by punishment to the cruel and their supporters; this nation will decide who lives and who dies, who is socially evil and who is good, who is responsible and who is culprit. And the day is soon to come when justice and freedom is restored and the country moves towards the economic success and social prosperity.