Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, January 21st, 2019

Democracy is Strengthened through Elections

Human beings have been in continuous struggle to form a sort of society or system wherein they are able to live a prosperous and satisfied life. However, the different systems that they have formed have always had certain drawbacks. However, with each passing day they have been able to bring improvements. It is because of these improvements that they have reached to today’s modern society, wherein they are able to establish democracy and live a comparatively prosperous and satisfied life.
Democracy is a political system formed by the blessings of General Will and it possesses every capability of guaranteeing prosperity and mass awareness. Democracy in its ideal shape forms its roots by the bicarbonates of public participation, forms leaves that can make food with the photosynthesis of free judiciary and independent media, forms fruits that contain the vitamins and proteins of prosperity and development.
One of the most dominating attributes of democracy is the process of election. If elections continue democracy prospers. This claim can be strengthened by the evidences that lie in the history of greatest democratic states. American democratic history depicts a serious of elections, continued for more than two centuries. United Kingdom’s history depicts even a longer continuation of series of elections and today both the countries enjoy a dominant role in International Political scenario. They both enjoy economic and political might and there are many countries that have been trying to adopt their systems so as to have justice and order in their systems. They are no doubt among the leading countries, with prosperity licking their hands as faithful pet and invincibility guarding their gates successfully.
In true sense, elections let the public govern themselves; therefore, in a democratic state government is not anything beyond the General Will. People get the chance of listening the motives and mottos of the leaders and they get time even to analyze them properly. Afterwards, they are given chance of casting their votes and choosing the leaders whom they consider capable enough to govern them. It is possible that the leaders who are chosen to form government may not be the best, but they are better than the ones who are not chosen by the will of the majority as every nation in the world have the right to choose what they think better for themselves, without bringing harm to others.
However, there are certain thinkers who believe that even though the elections continue the miseries of the people continue as there is no any change in their lives as a result of the elections. They argue that though the elections change faces of the rulers but do not change the lives of the common people who are being ruled. They basically relate to standard of living of the common people and their access to justice and rights and claim that though elections continue, miseries prevail. However, it would be self contradictory statement to say that elections continue and miseries prevail, because as soon as we say, “Elections continue”, we negate the second portion that says, “Miseries prevail”. In reality miseries prevail because elections do not continue. It would be better to explain it in a simpler manner. In fact, every new election is a new step in the evolution of democracy and every new step is better than the earlier one. That’s why we call it evolution. No matter, if the government after new election is corrupt. It is always better than the earlier one as the election before the earlier one had also contributed a little in the awareness enhancement, so will do this new one and the election after this one would have better decisions. People will have a chance to see what the chosen government has been able to offer to them. They can have the chance of not casting their votes to one who have not been able to serve them properly. So now, it would be wise to conclude that when elections continue miseries diminish, awareness enhances, democracy evolves and prosperity reigns.
It would be better to discuss the statement in context of Afghanistan. Recently, there have been different sorts of discussions regarding the upcoming elections in Afghanistan and continuously there have been discussions regarding the democratic system in Afghanistan and its outcomes so far. There are intellectuals who basically believe that democracy will not be able to lead Afghan political system and they even argue that Afghan society is not so far ready for it. But, it would be better to be more logical and scientific. The history of democracy in Afghanistan is very short and before blaming democracy for the miseries in our country, it would be better to ask ourselves, “Has there been democracy in real sense in Afghanistan?” Never! So, when there has never been democracy and elections have a very short history then how can we blame democracy for miseries?
In order to have a fruitful tree of democracy, we need to water it continuously with elections, safeguard it from the parasites of corruption, fertilize it with freedom of expression and above all avoid deforestation by dominancy of dictatorship. Only then we would be able to have true democracy and would not claim irrationally that elections continue; miseries prevail.