Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, March 25th, 2019

The PyeongChang Winter Olympic: A Call for Peace

It is a long time that the nuclear conflict over North Korea has been one of the hottest world issues. The nuclear conflict over North Korea intensified during the Trump’s Administration and the fear of a nuclear war was imminent in the world and especially in the Korean Peninsula.
In the midst of the nuclear conflict over North Korea when the threats of war and war rhetoric had reached its peak, a candle of hope was seen in the dark sky of the Korean Peninsula; the torch of winter Olympic.  Without any doubts, the PyeongChang Winter Olympic enjoys a significant position for the world in general and for the Koreans in specific. The highlight of the games was the consent of the North Korea to send its sport delegation to the South to march under the unified flag with the South Korean team. What added to the importance of these games was the arrival of Kim Yo-jong, the younger sister of North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-un, in South Korea as the Head of the North Korea’s team.
“Global Korea “Foreign Policy Strategy as a Framework for Peace
This strategy sets out a number of roles of the South Korea in terms of its Foreign Policy and describes the shared understanding concerning the proper role and purpose of the South Korea as a plyer in the international arena. These roles are affected by expectations of the international system with its underlying norms as well as domestic interpretations of such norms.
The “Global Korea” foreign policy initiative of the Lee Myung-bak government is the basis of Korea’s foreign policy and forms the construction of its role performance at the international stage.  South Korea has increased its overseas development aid and participation in peacekeeping operations based on South Korea Global. Other roles include the repositioning as a global player, a culturally relevant nation as well as an economic power.
The PyeongChang Winter Olympic in the context of South Korea Global
PyongCHang calls Winter Olympic as “Peace Olympics” and a “precious opportunity” to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula. It has already changed to “Peace Olympics” at the regional level. Last year, saw heated rhetoric exchanged between the US and North Korea, with the leaders of the two countries trading insults and threatening war. As a result, the risk of a new war, a nuclear war, was closer than any other time. But North Korean leader Kim Jung-un took everyone by surprise when he said he is open to sending a team for the Olympics, adding that both sides should “melt the frozen North-South relations”. This is not but the result of the Global Korea initiative.
The Global Korea and its impacts on Afghanistan
The Republic of Korea’s participation in International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan continued the ROK’s tradition of providing military assistance to American-led overseas conflicts. However, South Korea’s participation in the conflict comes as it expands the reach of its overseas investments, political influence and development assistance programs beyond Northeast Asia. Instability may not pose a direct threat to South Korea; Seoul stands to benefit from actively participating in security and reconstruction efforts. Successful programs in Afghanistan help highlight South Korea’s effectiveness in peacekeeping and providing development assistance, garnering it increased influence globally.
In addition, South Koreas peacekeeping and development assistance to Afghanistan has been one of the most successful missions in the country. Afghanistan has benefited a lot from the South Korea’s support in sport, reconstruction, education, security and other sectors. South Koreas development assistance to Afghanistan is one of the most successful International contributions. Thus, these projects are the bedrock of South Korea’s approach to the country. South Korean development projects have aimed to provide Afghanistan with basic infrastructure and enhanced policing governance capabilities.
Participation of Afghan athletes as honorary participants
Afghanistan athletes couldn’t win a share in PyonChang Olympic. However, two athletes were invited to take part in the games as an ad hoc measure due to the persistent civil conflicts in the country and to give an opportunity to Afghanistan to show its different image to the world. This image is not a war ravaged country, but a resilient nation that makes all efforts to live in peace and to be a responsible partner of the international community.
The Pyongvhang Winter Olympic 2018 is one of the significant events that will make history. These games started in the midst of the harsh rhetoric of the United States and its allies and North Korea row that could spark a lethal war, the nuclear war. These games are the outcome of the Golabla Korea Policy that the country tries to boost its role as a middle power in the international scenes. South Korea has played a constructive role both in peace building and development in the developing countries and in Afghanistan in the Korea Global Policy. South Korea has been training our sport teams, national security forces and has implemented development projects in different parts of the country that are considered as most quality projects in the country.