Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Taliban’s Dream Should Not be Allowed to Come True

Speaking to the NATO foreign ministers in Berlin on Thursday April 14, 2011, US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said Taliban insurgents were watching and speedy withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan could damage the fragile progress made in the country. There is no doubt that Taliban are eagerly waiting for NATO to withdraw from Afghanistan. They eye 2014 as the year for their victory in Afghanistan.

It is the responsibility of governments of the countries involved in fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan to not let Taliban's dream of regaining victory and power in Afghanistan come true. The problem of growing insurgency does not only pertain to Afghanistan. It is a global matter that needs the international effort. The more the Afghan war lingers, the more it will negatively impact politics and economy of the world.

The opinion expressed by Mrs. Clinton clearly indicates that the US government itself is worried about any premature or hasty withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan as Taliban, today, are stronger than they used to be in the past. For receiving longer term support from NATO countries, the US government will take every possible step.

The Taliban signal their strength by continuously targeting the government and foreign troops. Taliban have expanded their activities and operations despite attacks of NATO in the last ten years. In the absence of NATO it seem quite improbable for the Afghan security forces that still require long terms to nurture to become a competent force to defend Afghanistan against Taliban and Al-Qaida. Obviously, drawing down of troops from this war ravaged country at such a crucial juncture would lead to dangerous outcomes for the region and the world.

We can not keep the security development aside. As betterment in security condition is the only factor that can promote societal and economical affairs of our country. Afghanistan is in dire need of peace today. For peace, the people of Afghanistan need the consistent support of international community for longer terms.