Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 27th, 2019

Will Afghan Reach Peace wishes?

Every Afghan citizen eagerly wishes a day in which their children and youths could go to school, university or market without fear of dead and explosions. While both government and people repeatedly have  called on Taliban to join peace process but unfortunately they have reacted with bombing and massacring the  innocent people.At the Kabul Process II conference on 28 February, President Ashraf Ghani proposed to launch peace talks with Taliban without preconditions, offering to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate political group, and presenting a number of significant proposals to be included in a peace process and it was also welcomed by most people and international communitybut then Taliban has responded it with multiple attacks in several provinces including Helmand, Farah and Kabul. They have, however, insisted that they would talk peace only with Washington.
On the other hand, the successive attacks in Kabul follows the Kabul security plan and also United States newly bolstering efforts to help the Afghan government so as to prevent attacks in capital city through Special Operations raids, intelligence to map out residents and additional military advising, the top U.S. general recently said. Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr. said that defending Kabul is the main goal for the U.S.-led military coalition right now. While the number of bombings in the sprawling city has remained about the same, they have increased in size, he said. Hundreds of people have been killed in the past year’s blasts, terrorizing civilians and damaging embassies and other buildings.
Thus, it simultaneous with recent expression of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that Taliban has not been able to achieve their strategic objective and that Afghan security forces have increased military pressure on the group in the last year.“We have decided to increase the size of our Resolute Support training mission. From 13,000 to around 16,000. With our assistance, Afghan forces have increased military pressure on the Taliban. Ensuring they did not achieve their strategic objective of capturing a provincial capital in 2017,” he said. He said NATO supports an Afghan-led and Afghan owned peace process and termed the Afghan government’s peace offer to the Taliban a clear invitation to the group. “We strongly support an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process. I commend President Ghani for his courageous leadership. His offer to the Taliban is the clearest invitation to peace yet. So I call on the Taliban to come to the negotiating table. There is an opportunity now to end the conflict,” he said.
Despite the fact that both government and international allies have recently approached with the most flexible tone since 2001.In addition to proposal of free precondition talks, itwas emphasized that we must have the courage to listen to grievances, analyses the root causes and drivers of conflict, and hear a diversity of proposals for reconciliation”. This is a critically important part of the proposal. It was also hoped that the constructive approach would guide the future talks. So, at this stage, it was the best opportunity for Taliban to present their own wants instead of presenting their bombs.
The Taliban’s policy on whether or not to accept peace talks with Afghanistan’s government has been thrown into doubt by recent attacks killing dozens of civilians. In addition, they have released an article which was headlined “Who are the true enemies of peace?” urged the United States, instead of the Kabul government, to come to talks, in what appears a snub to Mr Ghani, who they see as a stooge for America. “The only way to bring effective peace in Afghanistan is to talk to those who have started this illegitimate war in Afghanistan…. The permission of peace and war are with the Americans and they have taken the land and air space of Afghanistan under their unlawful control,” it read.
Taliban should reconsider this opportunity andthink about country’s interests and otherwise these conflicts will produce no winner except farther destruction of the county.The conflict has already taken a lot of life, regardless of whether it is a soldier, a civilian or even the Taliban fighters who are from Afghanistan.Meanwhile, the government and international partners also should note that peace building needs certain social bed and components that without them is not possible to attain and will longer remain as an unreachable wish. As the armed conflicts are watered by various social and political motives, they must be thoroughly analyzed and taken to consideration. Thus, the peace component is being inclusive otherwise it may cause dissatisfactions and disunity. Therefore, peace program neither could be confined to mere negotiations with a certain armed party and nor could be designed or decided by certain circles.
In fact, the peace building process is having its root in equal economic development programs and unemployment reductions so that all citizens can benefit from opportunities equally and unanimously support government policies and programs. It is highly important that new generation of Afghanistan believe that social justice and meritocracy are an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous life within and among nations. We uphold the principles of real peace when we promote rights of minority groups, gender equality, children and other vulnerable people.
Moreover, national ownership of the peace process is one of a peace building process matters in any country. while, the government should make efforts to develop an enabling environment for shaping the culture of peaceful life in the society. Only, such a culture can ensure the sustainable peace and prosperity in our country. In addition, there are some other tools and components which are essential for generalization peace culture and the development of the spirit of peace in the community; these can include the establishment of beneficial educational programs, the extension of the rule of law, elimination of administrative corruptions and impartial investigations on important warfare cases that needs longer time.