Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Military Stalemate in Libya

It becomes a month long that United Nation Security Council (UNSC) passed the resolution authorizing force to protect civilians against brutal crackdown of Muammer Gaddafi, leading to an international air campaign,  but still the principle goal is not met.

While previously civilians were completely defenseless against murderous attack of Gaddafi's loyalist security forces, the US and NATO air campaign has built only militarily porous shield and failed to turn effectively power balance to rebellions side.

What can be observed now is a kind of balance of power, and rebellions are not capable to deal denting blows to Gaddafi loyalists. Meanwhile, politically and diplomatically they are in stronger position.

Whatever is the composition of rebellions, as some blames that rebellions are not representing people national wide because they are mostly comprised of opposition tribal group, international community, United National and other international organization support them as representatives of civilians who suffered during 42-year old authoritarian regime.

While, Gaddafi and his loyalist are deemed as anti-democratic force who struggle to stand against legal demands of their people. This global attitude won rebels a universal sympathy and set them in a position not to retreat against Gaddafi's fires. The consequence of this scenario is increasingly becoming so costly for Libyans who whether stuck in fires between and pro and anti-Gaddafi or become direct military targets.

Recently, there were reports that military was firing cluster bombs which deal massive toll to innocent civilians; however, the military loyal to President has rejected the report.  On Sunday, April 17, rebels came under fire on the outskirts of Ajdabiyah, hemming them in to their eastern outpost and denting their hopes of pushing west to try to end a stalemate in the Libyan war.

"One witness said he saw around a dozen rockets land around the western entrance to town, which rebels wanted to use as a staging post to retake the oil port of Brega. Many fled as loud explosions boomed across the town," Khaleej Times.

After a month long, the stalemate has not yet ended and the outlook is also completely grim and predicable. the NATO air campaign is not going well and British prime minister, David Cameron,  on Sunday fretting expressed that UNSC mandate restrains the condition for protecting civilians, however, he emphasized that NATO will accurately follow the resolution context.