Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Attack on Government’s Mind

Yesterday's attack on the Ministry of Defense cannot be deemed ordinary or usual attacks by Taliban. It has got a message for the people of Afghanistan that their life is at a great stake wherever they are in Afghanistan. The government is falling short to defend itself, how could Afghans consider themselves safe.

Attack on the Ministry of Defense is an attack on the mind of government and such attacks raise the panic and concern among Afghan population about their future when NATO will not be in combat role and it would be Afghan security forces who will handle the issues pertaining to securing life of people. Insurgents infiltration of tight security in capital and launching of attack on a very important ministry, signal nothing than their strength and weakness of our government.

Taliban's intensification of suicide/roadside bombings, targeted killings and attacks on the coalition and national forces also give another message to the Hamid Karzai administration, which is: you go your way and we will go ours. This reduces possibility of ending war in Afghanistan through negotiation with Taliban. The more our government and NATO bends towards Taliban for attracting them for peace talks, the more Taliban's moral will go high. This results in increment of violence in our country.

US president Obama in his recent interview said that the process of withdrawal was a real process. The combat mission of NATO has been announced to come to an end in near future, 2014 or so. And gradual withdrawal is set to begin as early as July of this year. It looks like Taliban are more interested to wait until NATO is out than the peace reconciliation program that promises them monetary rewards, asylum in foreign countries and employments. Recently the Taliban have launched several deadly attacks that have caused deaths of important government officials, NATO and Afghan soldiers.

The attack on the Ministry of Defense is in the same series. These attacks have no messages for the people except that Taliban are not ready to allow peace and prosperity prevails in Afghanistan and want to continue practicing violence. Another message of these attacks is that Afghan security forces are still feeble to defend our country and need longer terms to nurture to become a competent force.