Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Extremism Will Lead to Terrorism

It is really difficult to ignore the severity of the disaster introduced by extremism and terrorism in today’s world. In fact, extremism and terrorism are reciprocal and have badly influenced all the norms and values of human society and have marked a dreadful stigma on the prominence and significance of human beings. A glance at human history portrays that so far millions of the people have been exterminated. Most of these exterminations has been carried out by the terrorist and extremist groups, which have strong relations with different human groups.
Modern societies believe that they sacrifice a lot to bring transparent changes in the third world countries. They claim that they support the underprivileged people to modernize and bring peacefulness and success among them, but there are many people who do not favor this because their minds are restricted to the imprisonment of radicalism and religious torture cells where our thousands of young people have been disgustingly pushed in the deep valley of illiteracy, obliviousness and savagery. They are bound to be confined to their wells as they do not have the capacity to see and think out of it. Their limited attitude, which is basically nourished through their habituation, finds nothing more than a single straight line that they have to follow. They are, as a matter of fact, the blinds with the eyesight and the brainless with the brains.
It is no more a secret that the coldhearted and inhumane extremists subdue the people with the extremist ideas supported by tribal customs and religious traditions; they mistreat the devotion and belief of the people.
So far, plenty of guiltless and impartial masses have been killed; the decency of the sacred places has been ruined with suicide attacks; unimaginable cruelty on women and children have been made, and regrettably even holy Quran has been used and that in our own country to plant a bomb. Hence, isn’t it the real face of extremism, savagery and of course terrorism? The terrorists and extremist don’t have any true and loving faith and religion but they have their specific goals and desires and even do not vacillate to utilize the sacred religion for their inhuman and wicked desires.
It can be observed that nowadays the extremists by the dint of their violent attitude have attracted the attention of everybody towards them; most of them are purely liable for every kind of exploitation and destruction. Particularly the Islamic countries have been rebuked for such violence and carnages. Mostly, the Islamic militants have been called terrorists. What is the real reason? The main reason obvious and that is the fact that the extremists are involved in the massacre of innumerable people in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is pretty sure that extremism is the founding stone of terrorism and in all the countries mentioned above the people have been displaying their extremism in a violent manner. They have been tricked in the name of religion and they fail to use their minds to recognize what they are trained. They only follow blindly the teachings and take the worst possible actions.  
There are some so-called clergies who want to mask the fact by claiming that extremism may lead the humanity towards the divine exaltation, nevertheless they deliberately disregard the spirits of humanity. We must know their primitive practices and frustrated religious and tribal system with their outdated and ill-intended teachings that are nothing except mistreating the human beings.
Nowadays we can effortlessly find out the melancholies and insecurecircumstances which are unquestionably the eventual aftermaths of extremism. Currently the reputation and integrity of our religion and civilization are in immense danger just because of extremism. And the approach that is established in the minds of most of the people is really a matter of worry; therefore, it is necessary to protest against this ignorance, which has caused us inflexible and distressing attitude. We are caught in the worst kind of quagmire of extremism and seemingly we do not have any way of getting out of it. The more we try to get out of it, the more we sink into it. We actually need to know that the way we are making efforts is erroneous and we require doing something else in order to get out of it. We need to comprehend this crystal clear fact that extremism has rewarded us the demeaning gift of terrorism, which is, without a tinge of doubt, intolerable for every sensible, literate and human-loving person.Because those who love peace and tranquility, they always support moderation and tolerance. Extremism in any way or form can never lead to a balanced and peace-loving society. We have experienced this fact and by now we should have learnt valuable lessons in this regard. However, it is never too late; therefore, we still have time to mend ourselves.