Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 24th, 2019

Constructing a Security Community: Equality, Equity, and Justice

The issues of terrorism, political rivalries and regional turbulence, which have inflicted heavy casualties upon people and wreaked havoc on regional economy, are a great cause for concern. All human societies suffer as a result of political turmoil in some ways or the others. The rights and dignity of people are violated flagrantly around the world, mainly in the Middle East and parts of Africa.
In the current“global village”, all mankind share a common destiny. The outbreak of a disease jeopardizes the life of all, the economic crisis hurts prosperity everywhere, the danger of nuclear attacks threatens all nations, the operation of extremists puts the life of all at risk, and the violent death of an individual outrages the collective conscience.
In this global village, all nations need to play their role constructively to safeguard people’s rights and eliminate violence and militancy. To share their opinions in keeping world peace and regional stability, a number of high-ranking officials, including the former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, had exchanges and delivered speeches in the 7th World Peace Forum themed “Constructing a Security Community: Equality, Equity, and Justice” which was organized by Tsinghua University and Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs in Chinese capital of Beijing.
The speakers emphasized the importance of combating terrorism, which has turned into a global threat, and ensuring the rights and freedoms of all individuals around the world. Addressing the Forum, Yang Jiechi, member of  Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, pointed out the active role of Chinese government in global peace keeping. He said, “China is the largest contributor of peacekeepers among the P5, having dispatched more than 37,000 peacekeepers to 24 UN peacekeeping mission.” He added that China has taken active part in international cooperation against terrorism.
Regarding China’s role toward Afghanistan, Yang said, “on Afghanistan, China supports its peace and reconstruction efforts, and backs an inclusive political reconciliation process that is Afghan-led and Afghan-owned.”
He also said that China will pursue “win-win outcomes” through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and integrate the BRI’s cooperation with its reform and opening-up adding that “China will never shut its doors.”
To be honest, China played a constructive role in peace keeping and brokering talks between states. Meanwhile, China has frequently emphasized cooperation rather than confrontation and partnership rather than alliance. Chinese officials champion building a community with shared future in which all nations have equal rights and freedoms and could exercise their rights and liberties without obstacles.
Chinese officials believe that win-win outcome will be a prerequisite for lasting peace and stability around the globe; whereas “beggar-thy-neighbor” approach will undermine peace for putting the interests of other side at stake.
It is self-explanatory that terrorism and violence will pose threat to the entire world since we live in the global village. If a state, which is secure for the time being, turns a blind eye to the instability going on in its neighboring countries, it will be doomed to the same destiny in the future.
The ongoing violence and bloodshed and flagrant violation of human rights in the Middle East, i.e., Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Palestine must outrage the conscience of the world. Streams of blood of men, women and children are spilt without an iota of mercy. Sixty people were killed in a single day in Palestine. These are shocking for every sound conscience.
To mitigate the public sufferings and eliminate terrorist networks, all countries will have to play their role in the best possible way. It goes without saying that the sufferings of one nation as a result of terrorism will benefit no single nation. The smoke coming from this fire, which burns people in the war-torn countries, will go to the eyes of all nations. It is rightly said that “better late than never.” Although it is late, further continuation of the political chaos and unmitigated violence will generate ugly consequences. No country will remain immune from the harm of terrorism and instability. Hence, it is time that all countries combat terrorism with strong force and seek common ground and pursue building a moderately prosperous society, which is emphasized by China, so that all could live a happy and prosperous life.