Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Consciousness about Social Self

It is imperative for a human being to be well cognizant of the society in which he exists. He needs to have such cognizance since it would be likely for him to realize his character, position, privileges and duties. In this manner he would the capacity to play a constructive part in the society.
Socio-political consciousness aids the individuals in the society to make thoroughgoing usage of shared life as it is by the dint of social life that human beings have made stunning accomplishments. The tasks and activities, which are else difficult to be achieved, become very common and are achieved without considerable exertion through supportive actions. Socio-political consciousness, however, is not in human character by instinct. It has to be settled within him through appropriate sustenance and inculcation. Socialization, in this regard, has a very compelling role. Children who are born in a society do not essentially become social in the actual sense of the word. Particularly in today’s society when the people have become very much motorized and worldly, it is tough to see children get effortlessly allied with the social and political collections. Social isolation is prevalent and social interactions are now upheld through technology. Having such a scenario in hand, it is vital that children are socialized suitably and this has to be instructed to them that their relation with the society is of great standing and they have a responsibility to the surroundings wherein they reside.
In this connection, the role of family is immense. As family is the primary institution in which human beings learn and practice their social lives, the outlook, conducts, thinking and notions that are settled in the start of family live are indeed very hard to disremember. Parents who are able to give sufficient time to their children and share love and warmth with them have the aptitude to make their children accountable social and political beings. Cooperativeness among the family members makes them comprehend how they can produce collaborations through collective exertions and make human beings human in true sense. Sense of responsibility, task-sharing, dependability and adoration can initially be developed in children through their families. It is really important for all the children to get cultured from their families and understand that all the people are central in one way or the other. Everyone desires to be treasured, appreciated and respected. Consequently, a kind of kindliness has to be developed within the attitude of the children so that they also apprehend the significance and the necessity of others. They should learn sharing their figurines and playing in teams according to the team rules. Families are surely rudimentary and vital; thus, it is really essential that the institution of family must be used to the maximum degree so as to spread socio-political consciousness.
Schools, colleges and universities can also play a marvelous role, but eventually it is the overall society wherein the individuals get their education and involvements of socio-political live. Hence, they have to obtain everything from the society. There are certain means that can be agreed within the societies by the individuals to develop socio-political consciousness. One of the most imperative steps in this regard is to have the nerve to play a role within a society in a productive way. Solution-oriented approach can play a remarkable role in this connection. An individual wishes to make sure that he has a role, in one way or the other, in the solution of skirmishes within the community or society. Some people strive to circumvent conflicts and are limited to their comfort zone; nevertheless, such an attitude would never benefit them be a responsible being.
In order to be socially aware, it is needed that an individual ought to augment his compassion towards the social fairness and accord. He requires having the capacity to judge others and their actions as per the requirements of justice not as per their social rank, appearance or affluence. He needs to understand what the basic rights of the human beings are and must endeavor to safeguard them. Furthermore, he must examine the social and political verdicts in the society on the foundation of justice, not on ethno-centric prejudices.
An important way of attaining socio-political consciousness is to have more info about the society nearby. It is central for an individual to know about the social issues and ills and attempt to play a part, no matter how small, in their eradication. Today, in human societies there are evils like poverty, bigotry, discernment, chauvinism and some others; they all play their role in making human societies suffer. It is essential for an individual to recognize them, receive them as issues and try to face them in certain techniques.
Displaying kindness and responsiveness can play a farfetched part in getting nearer to others and fastening the social bonds. Comprehending the pain of others when they are hurt and understanding their position is of key importance to invigorate the social responsibility. Courteousness and responsiveness are also obligatory in this regard. It is also central for an individual, who craves to develop socio-political consciousness, to be prepared to listen to others and ask them for response regarding his attitude and conduct.