Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Electoral Observation: as a Means to Ensure Electoral Credibility

Election observation has proven that is a valuable tool for improving the quality of elections. Observers help build public confidence in the honesty of electoral processes. Observation can help promote and protect the civil and political rights of participants in elections. It can lead to the correction of errors or weak practices, even while an election process is still under way. It can deter manipulation and fraud, or expose such problems if they do occur. When observers can issue positive reports, it builds trust in the democratic process and enhances the legitimacy of the governments that emerge from elections. Election observation by domestic and international groups encourages civic involvement in the political process. 
As widespread manipulation and fraud are largely attributed to the Afghan elections, the Afghan government not only shall encourage the national institutions to observe the forthcoming elections but it also shall encourage and provide conducive environment for the international observers as well. However, the ambassador of the EU announced today that he seriously followed the electoral process in Afghanistan and tired hard to ensure the forthcoming election to be a different election than the past ones.
However, it is a very positive and promising development in the Afghan electoral process. Because the much the international community supports the electoral process the more the electoral credibility.
What the concerns of the EU are
One of the main concerns of the European Union is starting a new round of conflicts in the country. As a result the EU tries to ensure electoral transparency to prevent going Afghanistan to a new round of conflict after 20 years again. Public electoral is another concern of the European Union. Therefore, it is working hard to engage fully the political parties to participate in the forthcoming elections and make their representatives to oversight the electoral process in the polling stations in order the electoral outcome to be acceptable for them. Low credibility of the electoral institutions of the Afghanistan is one of the other critical concerns of the EU and International community. As a result, they are making various initiatives to revive the credibility of these institutions. Further, weak legitimacy of the Afghan system is the most critical concern of the EU and international community and they want ensure the revival of the legitimacy of the Afghan government as a critical factor for having strong political institutions in general, and for the Afghan peace talks in specific. Ultimately, the international community knows very well that the insurgent groups are using different tactics to disappoint the people in order not to participate in the electoral process that can undermine all the achievements of Afghan government and the international community.
Election observation missions can make valuable contributions to enhancing public confidence in elections, especially in post-conflict countries like Afghanistan, in which levels of trust in the electoral process is low. Observation can also help in the assessment and advancement of women’s participation in electoral processes. As a result, the Afghan government shall take all necessary measures to ensure participation of  the national and international institutions in order the outcome of the forthcoming elections to be acceptable to the political parties and the people.