Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Ghani: Pursuing Nation Building

President Ghani and Vice president Sarwar Danish travelled to Daikondi and Bamyan provinces accompanied with a high ranking delegation on Friday and Saturday.  They were warmly welcomed by the people in these provinces. The way people received the President and Vice President was different from other provinces; and even it can be a role model for other provinces of the country.
One of these outstanding differences was the high participation of women in this event. The other significant difference was the security and confidence of the delegation that no major security incident may happen during the event; an issue that is nearly impossible to ensure it in many other parts of the country. Many pictures show the President and Vice President among the ordinary people with peace of mind and people can reach them easily and share their support and concerns with their leaders.
There were some concerns that specific elements may try to disturb the meetings of the President with the representatives of the people; fortunately, such an incident did not occur in Daikondy or Bamyan as well. Indeed, it does not mean that the President and Vice President have fully fulfilled their pledges to the Daikondi and Bamyan citizens. However, it showed that people trust the government that it is pursuing one of its campaign promises saying that “we will end up the natural geographical prison of the central Afghanistan”. To realize this promise, President Ghani inaugurated work four projects in Daikondi. These projects include construction of Nili Road, Hydro-power project, distribution network of Nili city power and Sokhtook Dam. In addition to this, President acknowledged promotion of  Daikundi to 2nd grade province as well. Furthermore, the President inaugurated work on three power projects in central Bamyan province. The projects included construction of 220/20kv substation, 220kv electricity transmission line from Doshi to Bamayn and establishment of electricity supply network for 20,000 houses.
So, what happened in Bamyan and Daikondi provinces indicate a strong political will for nation building in Afghanistan. It has been a failed attempt in Afghanistan for many years. As a result, nation building and social cohesion have changed to a disappointment in the country. Ethnic, religious, linguistic and locality factors have contributed to the failure of any attempts on this regard.
Thus, the warm welcome of the people in Daikondin and Bamyan showed that that they are tired of any further conflicts in Afghanistan. The incredible enthusiasm and support of the people of the most deprived and marginalized ethnic groups of Afghanistan to the government indicated that they strongly welcome nation building efforts in Afghanistan. All the symbolic and actual interactions of the Daikondi and Bamyan people showed that they are fed up with hypocrisy, discrimination and injustice. 
Nevertheless, the failure or success of this process depends to the Afghan government and politicians and how they respond to the legitimate demands of their people. President Ghani took a bold and historic step in Daikondi and Bamyan to remove the historical inequalities in the central Afghanistan. President Ghani showed that he is serious for nation building in Afghanistan. Now, it is the duty of all of us to use these opportunities and make any efforts to realize this goal in our country.