Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

What Emotionalized President Karzai

Over the last months, Afghanistan has reportedly been hit by rockets fired from the other side of Durand line. These missile attacks have led to deaths and damages as well. MPs and senators have been calling on the international community to help Afghanistan respond to these attacks. They even have been criticizing international forces for remaining silent in the face of rocket assaults from the neighboring country.

In the meanwhile, the US is putting increasing pressure on Pakistan to halt its support for the terrorist networks that continue insurgency in Afghanistan. But President Hamid Karzai in his recent interview with a Pakistani private TV channel has said that Afghanistan would never betray its brother, Pakistan and if God forbids it is attacked by the US or any other country, his country will side with Pakistan and support it.

This appears to be extremely contradictory to the president Karzai's past statements in which he had been calling on the international community to target the sanctuaries of terrorists in tribal areas and on Pakistani soil. This happens while the US has decided to dismantle safe havens of Taliban militants in Pakistan either independently or with the help of Pakistani government.

The US state secretary, Hillary Clinton, paid a visit to Islamabad recently, where he called on Pakistan government to crack down on the militants operating on its soil and planning attacks inside Afghanistan. In the meanwhile, Professor Rabbani, the head of High Peace Council was assassinated by a Taliban figure who introduced himself peace ambassador sent by Taliban.

But instead of peace message, he had tied bomb in his turban and killed the chairman of the council. Intelligence and security officials told the parliament that the assassination was orchestrated and plotted in Quetta, Pakistan.

In the aftermath of this shocking incident, President Karzai announced a shift in his peace efforts and in an address to the nation he said that he would pursue peace by directly negotiating with Pakistan because the Taliban did not have any power and authority and they were controlled by elements in the neighboring country.

It is not clear what emotionalized president Karzai to idealistically promise to side with his Pakistani brothers if God forbids they are attacked.