Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 1st, 2020

We Must Learn Citizen Centered Governance from the NZ Prime Minister

Nowadays, everyone talks about citizen centered state and call for citizens’ rights and tolerance. However, if we would like to know how these issues can be put in practice, one shall learn from the initiatives taken by Jacinda Ardern The Prime Minister of New Zealand in terms of the terrorist attack on NZ Muslims; it is of important to keep in mind that these initiatives have been taken against a terrorist attack against the Muslim minority group in NZ. 
The response of the NZ Prime Minister to show empathy with New Zenalnd Muslims, wearing a scarf, broadcasting live Azan from the media and appearing among the families of the Muslim victims and many other decisions she made on this issue, were not only a symbolic gesture, but were full of emotion, humanitarian feeling, and empathy and sympathy she showed with a religious minority group. The initiatives taken by the NZ Prime Minister are the symbol of the thought of citizen centered governance and ensuring justice in the society. It is the symbol of responsive government and the duties any government has against the people regardless of their religious, race, linguistic and cultural differences. In such a context, the governments do not act taking sides and the Prime Minister showed that how should a nation show its solidarity and national unity at the time of chaos and how a government shall defend its citizens against discrimination, especially in terms of protecting the rights of the minority groups.
What she did as a political leader for her citizens, can be regarded as a role model for all political leaders and governments of the world and we only through such approaches both can root out terrorism and put in practice human rights and citizens’ rights values. Indeed, such approaches help us to prevent prejudice, discrimination and hatred among the different walks of the society and ensure a sustainable peace and security.
We face the same challenges in Afghanistan; terrorism, prejudice, lack of tolerance. As a result, we need ethics of tolerance and moderation more than any other thing. 
I in the first days of the new solar year, both as a citizen and a government authority sincerely appreciate the high courage and humanist thought of the Prime Minister of NZ and NZ citizens and would like to congratulate them for having such a great culture and humanistic behavior. I would like to call on all the world leaders to learn from the NZ Prime Minister in a chaotic situation of the world that hatred and fundamentalism threatens most parts of the world. I also pray for the martyrs of the attacks on the two mosques in the Christchurch, New Zealand that 50 innocent Muslims lost their lives and especially pray for my brave countryman, Haji Mohammad Dawod, who clashed off the terrorist and sacrificed himself at the age of 71, to prevent more deaths. 
Wish a world free of fundamentalism,
prejudice and violence