Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 25th, 2020

People Want True and Sustainable Peace

War and peace is one of the most important national issues which affect the wellbeing of all people including political and non-political groups. The war undermines the foundations of political system and destroys the existing order and leads the society to anarchy and uncontrollable violence. Conversely, the peace is considered as the foundations of social, economic and political advancement. Peace guarantees the stability and durability of the political system, and maintains political sovereignty based on legal and public legitimacy. Public security, comfort and tranquility are only possible in a peaceful environment. Social, economic and political developments dependent on availability of true peace in a country.
Therefore, war is destructive and unpleasant in its nature but peace is constructive and pleasant in its nature. However, no one is an absolute phenomenon. Sometimes, despite will of a group people for peace, war is imposed upon them in form of military aggression, illegitimate attacks and usurpation of property, and the neglect of rights; these might compel a group of people or society to stand up against aggressors so as to protect their land, property and lives and defend their political and social rights.  In this way, war is considered good and essential to the people who defend their homeland. In such a case, if a group or a nation neglect fight against the aggressors, they will be considered sinful in front of God and faulty against history.
Same is the case with peace; sometimes Peace may come with features and phenomena that change the nature of peace and damage the principle of legitimacy and acceptance in public judgment. Peace is pleasant if all dimensions and angles of human lives are included in it, and the rights and duties of all members of the community are fairly considered to the basic structure and regulatory system. It is not a real peace if it does not pave the ground for social justice or undermines the collective development of human life. Peace should protect the rights, dignity and freedom of a community. Peace must extend its umbrella to all members of the community. In peace, the collective interests of community must be taken into account, and it must not be in the interest of one group but in loss of other group.
Anyway, the War and peace are a matter of public concern, and the decision about them must be taken by public members. Participation of people in national level decision-making and consideration of their concerns can justify the issue of war and peace in public opinion, but if only a part of society confiscates the war and peace according to their own interests and desires, this war and peace will not be legitimate and sustainable. 
Afghanistan’s civil war began with the uprising of people against the Soviet puppet government and expanded by the Soviet invasion in the country. Later, it changed to a proxy war for foreign countries, and so the demands and interests of foreign countries steered the war in the country; therefore, the war could not be justified in the general opinion, as the nature of the war was changed. The defending nature of war was changed to major political projects of regional and non-regional countries who were involved in Afghanistan’s issues.
The peace that emerged afterwards was not justifiable because the interests of all people and groups were not taken into account. For this reason, that peace did not last even for two months and another devastating war began in the center and provinces of the country. The war of all against all with no logical goal started in the country and had no consequences but destruction, killing and misery.
Therefore, the imperfect peace which paves the ground for another period of war and cruelty is not peace, but also a part of war project. However, the Bonn Agreement laid the foundations for a genuine peace in Afghanistan. This peace was truly welcomed by all and brought good results and achievements.
In the current circumstances, we also need peace and love it but an honorable peace that ensures the dignity, interests and authority of people of Afghanistan.  Any unilateral and imposed peace which does not provide national interests of the country will not be sustainable and acceptable.