Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Will Afghans put Afghanistan First?

Respecting our country is of one of the most important duties of us as an Afghan citizen. Any Afghan citizen should be aware of the same and respect the various integral aspects associated with our country. This can help to promote the ideals of mutual trust and goodwill. All Afghans should work together to ensure that the integrity and esteem of our country is maintained in high regard.
Germany and Qatar are co-hosting an Intra-Afghan Dialogue Conference held in Doha that will continue for two days, 7 and 8 July, as a series of efforts to support the peace process in Afghanistan. The delegation includes political figures, former Jihadi leaders, governmental officials, representatives of the minority groups including women and youth.
Therefore, Afghanistan stands at a critical moment of opportunity for progress towards peace, stability and prosperity. This opportunity is a necessary component of any process leading to a direct engagement between different groups of Afghans.
There is no doubt that only Afghans themselves can decide the future of their country and an Intra-Afghan Dialogue can facilitate to identify the options and opportunities in this direct engagement. Political analysts hold that this event can contribute to trust-building among key stakeholders, representing a wide range of the Afghan people and society.
How Afghans Can Advance the Afghan Peace Process
The first step to reach a peace deal in Afghanistan is to agree to resolve political differences without force, a big lesson that Afghans shall learn from the tragedy of the last 40 years. Considering the huge ideological and political differences between the Afghan Government, Afghan Politicians and Taliban, reaching an agreement is very difficult. As a result, if they want to reach a deal to end the war and confront our differences in a civilized manner based on the Afghan traditional dispute resolution and international best practices. They shall really accept each other’s values and tolerate each other’s thoughts. Although Afghan government, Afghan Politicians, and the US shall consider the different aspects of the peace deal in order to ensure it as a comprehensive deal, they may not be able to satisfy the critics. Because, no peace agreement would have been good for them because they play politics with it, with a view to ensure their personal interests.
What Could Threaten the Likely Peace Deal?
There are many critical variables that may impact the peace deal negatively. Some of the most important of them include, leaving unresolved the key crucial points such as the type of the governance system, delayed implementation of the deal could jeopardize any possibility for peace to take hold, leaving disregarded the minority groups to see further revisions before the deal is signed, and continuation of the attacks on civilians. If these happen, there could be a risk of new incidents, more lives could be lost and there could be many more at risk.
Afghan peace talks have reached to a crucial phase; Intra-Afghan talks. Peace talks in Afghanistan have failed several times though most of the Afghan expected a fair deal to put an end to the 40 years of the conflict in the country. The success of the Intra-Afghan talks depends on the full involvement of the Afghan government, and other key stakeholders, representing a wide range of the Afghan people and society. The last but not the least, the only guarantee to reach a sustainable peace deal is that All Afghans put Afghanistan’s national interest first to their own interests.