Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

Poverty Leads to Horrible Consequences

Poverty and economic challenges are highly serious problem in Afghanistan notwithstanding the country’s rich mineral resources. Poverty and unemployment linger in the country and people wrestle with this chronic issue with disappointment.
Afghanistan has a unique geographical location and was considered “Asian transit and trade roundabout”, during the ancient Silk Road, connecting South Asia to Central Asia and East Asia to West Asia. It has rich mineral deposits, fertile land for cultivation, and a large number of labor forces. But poverty continues unabated.
The unmitigated poverty has led to horrible consequences across the country. As a result, a large number of Afghan children are not able to continue their education. That is, children are forced to be the bread winners of their families in early age. Remaining illiterate, they will not enjoy a bright future, either.
In addition to the increasing number of street beggars, the crime rate has surged up to a great extent, especially in large cities. Take Kabul for example, tens of people have been reportedly killed in armed robberies within the last few months. It is believed that every one person out of three has been mugged or fell victim to theft and robbery in Kabul city in broad daylight. Who does not know the story of theft and mugging in Kabul? Many robbers and street criminals carry pistols or knives with them. In most cases, it is not a single criminal, but they have formed a band to support its members. It is claimed that some strongmen are leading the criminal bands.
Second, who can claim that prostitution will not rise in the wake of hunger and poverty? Some may surrender to prostitution so as to alleviate the hunger of their family members.
Afghan citizens are on the top list of world refugees. A large number of Afghan labor forces flock to Europe and neighboring countries at the cost of their lives as a result of unemployment. Needless to say, Afghan refugees are humiliated, beaten, and killed and their rights and dignity are violated in many parts of the world. They tolerate all the difficulties to earn money so that their families could survive. 
Similarly, administrative corruption within the government compounds the people’s economic constraints. A number of people are not hired in the government based on personal merit but by nepotism or bribery. The same individuals will turn corrupt and will be involved in bribery and other suck ilk.
It is highly disappointing to see that Afghanistan is on the top list of insecure countries, corrupt countries, narcotic producing countries, worst countries for women, etc. If citizens hear more than 90 percent negative news and reports on daily basis, what will happen? Will they still be able to live with hope? Although I have always sought to view issues from a positive perspective, but one cannot deny the ongoing negative issues. Life is terrible and the level of public hope is extremely low if one views the issue from the eye of an ordinary citizen.
To decrease the crime rate, the government has to create job for the youth. It needs to campaign against poverty in a systematic way and reduce the level of poverty through short-term, mid-term, and long-term projects.
Moreover, the government has to prevent illegal activities such as illegal mining and smuggling Afghanistan’s precious stones outside the country. It is believed that a number of strongmen are involved in committing systematic crimes, including illegal trade and supporting criminal bands.
The government has to secure the country’s mineral resources for extraction. If Afghanistan’s mineral resources are extracted under the government’s law, the level of poverty will be reduced since mineral deposits are reportedly worth trillions of dollars. So, why should Afghans suffer from poverty in spite of having rich mineral resources and country’s unique geographical location for trade and transit?
The government should also pave the ground for foreign and domestic investment. In this case, it has to fight both criminals and militant fighters. Apart from militant groups, the criminals, involved in systematic crimes, abduct family members of rich people and businesspersons, which leaves no room for inspiration to invest in the country. Thus, local businesspersons will seek to withdraw their capitals from the country and foreign investors will not think of investing here. The government is responsible to reduce poverty level through fighting corrupt individuals within the government’s body, prosecuting the criminals, creating jobs, and implementing the law.