Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Voting as A National Duty

Afghans will go to the voting stations on Saturday, September 28. However, what makes this election significant than other presidential elections in the country is the peace process and some of Afghan leader’s insistence to form a care taker government instead of holding the election. Therefore, we shall assess why some Afghan politician and one of our neighboring countries, insist on formation of a care take government? Why they insist on delaying the elections? Why they want to push for the peace talks in the absence of a legitimate and strong national government?
The peace process led by Khalilzad had created hope in the heart of many Afghans. Many Afghans thought the US and Afghan Taliban talks would result to a good peace deal that would pave the way for Intra-Afghan talks. Therefore, Afghans hoped that they would reach to a fair agreement on the future of the Afghan governance system, amendment of the Afghan constitution, agreeing on basic rights including women rights, religious rights.
However, the US and the Taliban talks was a total mistake; these talks were held in the absence of the Afghan government and as the draft agreement between the US and the Taliban showed, it was totally the first step to restore the Emarat system in the country. Actually, Taliban had not accepted any of the democratic principles of the current system of the country which was established after the Bon Agreement in 2001. 
The sad reality about Afghanistan is that many Jihadi leaders push for the same agenda that the Taliban are pursuing; destroying the democratic system of the country. This system ensures quality between all Afghan citizens. Our neighboring country wants to destroy system to prevent formation of a strong government that will push for state building in order to have strong nation. Both Strong state and Nation is not in the interest of our neighboring country which tries to have the Taliban in power to give primacy its interest to the Afghanistan interesta.
The reason why many Afghan political leaders push for a take care government is that they just want to be in power. They do not care about state building in the country. They do not care whether the governance system to be the Emarat or the Islamic Republic.
Peace is important for every Afghan citizen. If we want a lasting and fair peace we shall have a strong government. To have a strong government we shall vote. All afghan shall carefully take into consideration the current situation of the country and the strategic impacts their decision will have on the future of Afghanistan, including themselves and the future generations of the country. If Afghan citizens make a wise and well calculated decision, they can prevent political chaos in the country, they can ensure the republic system of governance, they can prevent the return of the Taliban in power and they can ensure a peaceful, secure and prosperous Afghanistan. It is time that Afghan people shall vote for institutionalizing democracy in the country.