Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Afghans are the Symbol of Resilience

Afghan people went to the polling stations yesterday. This round of presidential election is somehow different from the previous ones. During the US and the Taliban peace talks some of the Afghan leaders stood in the same line with the Taliban. In other words, republicanism, human rights, basic rights, minority groups and women rights, and preserving the 18 years’ achievements, did not matter for them. These Afghan leaders and Taliban pursued for delaying the presidential election and establishing a care taker government.
Afghan citizens said no to those Afghan leaders who chanted the same slogan as Taliban did. Afghan citizens, women and men, rushed to the polling stations to vote. They know that there were many risks and threats on their way, but they also know that the sustainable solution to the political crisis and decades of conflicts in Afghanistan is supporting the democratic system of the country. They know that if they do not support democracy they will witness a new round of civil war here.
Afghan people came to the polling stations to say not to discriminatory practices that are the main roots of many decades of conflicts in Afghanistan. In most parts of the history of Afghanistan, specific ethnic and religious groups have deliberately been denied of even basic services and they were denied of the Administrative opportunities. This trend made these ethnic and religious groups the poorest segment of the society in Afghanistan.
However, in the new constitution of Afghanistan, all Afghans, men and women, are equal. This may look an ordinary issue for the citizens of other countries, but for those Afghan who have always been neglected and marginalized by the Afghan rulers, it is a historical shift in the governance approach. In fact, they are the main winner of the terror war against the terrorist groups. These people have defended the country against the terrorist groups,  and they are giving victims now. Taliban, IS Khorasan and AL-Qaeda kill them intentionally terming them as their main enemies in the country; they attack these people on the streets, attack their mosques, education centers and kidnap them on the highways.
In general, Afghan citizens value democracy and its principles. All Afghan ethnic groups want to live a peaceful life in Afghanistan. They want to develop their country, have a responsive governance system and ensure its security. They want to change Afghanistan to the economic and transit hub of the south and Central Asia. They have a big dream.
Afghan presidential election was conducted yesterday. Taliban and other terrorist groups did their best to disrupt the election process and prevent Afghans from voting. However, Afghans rushed to the polling stations to support democracy and say no to terrorism. The clearly voted to democracy; because it is the only option that enables the Afghans to live a peaceful live. It is democracy that can ensure Afghans can achieve their big dream. Afghans showed yesterday that they will never give up; in fact, they are the symbol of resilience.