Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Why Afghan Leaders Shall Act Responsibly after the Elections

Afghan presidential election on Saturday was a positive response of Afghans to democracy and the political system based on elections. In fact, they said no to Emirate, care taker administration, dictatorship and illegal systems.
In other words, the winner of this election is the Afghan people, and our brave defense and security forces. Afghan citizens showed their political vigilance and renewed their commitment to the national and civil processes and democratic rules and principles.
Our security forces could protect the polling stations and the voters in the best way possible. As we all know, Taliban and other terrorist groups had announced that they would increase their attacks on the polling stations and they were determined to disturb the election process. This was a big test for the defense and security forces of Afghanistan that passed it successfully. Now, Afghan people can count on these forces as the backbone of the security of the country. ANSF showed that no terrorist group can take the control of the country and change Afghanistan to the safe haven of terrorists once again.
The fourth round of Afghan presidential was conducted successfully. All the presidential candidates had the chance to share future plans with the people. Afghans participated in the election process and voted to the presidential candidates they considered as the most qualified. So far, Afghan citizens have done their responsibility in the best way and have taken all the risks to support the young democracy of Afghanistan.
Now, it is time for the Afghan politicians to act vigilantly and wisely; they shall wait for the announcement of the results by the Afghan electoral commissions. This requires they ask their supporters to keep calm and avoid any act that can disturb the peace of mind of the people. They shall strongly avoid any act that is a sign of political crisis in the country.
One of the issues that all Afghan leaders keep in mind is that they shall not distribute non-reliable information about the election results. In fact, they must strongly ask their supporters to respect other presidential candidates and their supporters. They all shall clearly announce their readiness in terms of accepting the presidential election results. Also, they shall avoid distributing wrong information about the electoral fraud.
Weak social cohesion is one of the big challenges in Afghanistan. And electoral violence is wide spread in these societies. Afghanistan is a country with weak social cohesion as a result the political can easily incite their supporters and create electoral violence.
Afghan presidential election was a big test the Afghans passed successfully. Afghan people and security are the main winners of this election. Afghan people voted for democracy, supported the democratic political system and said no to Taliban, interim government, and illegal political systems. It is time for the Afghan leaders to respect the choice of the people and let democracy and democratic practices take root in the country; they can do so by accepting the electoral results.