Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, August 7th, 2020

Why Equality Before the Law Matters for Afghan Citizens

Equality before the law ensures for a transgression of the law, the son of a member of the parliament will be equally punished as the unfortunate homeless man. If the homeless man commits a crime and gets a sentence of life imprisonment, the son of a member of the parliament must also receive a sentence of life imprisonment for the same offense.
It also ensures and guarantees equal rights of the citizens in the society. Equal rights simply are what one citizen can do, another citizen can do. For example, if citizen A can open a university, then the law must guarantee that same right to citizen B to operate a university if they have equal rights.
In terms of access to opportunities, all people have the rights. Equality before the law ensures that those with qualifications, no matter where they got those qualifications can practice their profession and their customers will be satisfied or not. If qualifications are from another society, freedom will ensure that they can prove themselves quickly by writing exams similar to those written in the society. When engineers, work as drivers that society cannot claim to believe in equality, it would be telling lies, that society loathes equality before the law.
If equality before the law is not guaranteed by a respected constitution, then there will be conflict in the concerned society. Because in such a society, most of the citizens will conclude that the law only ensures the rights of a specific group. In such a society, there is no equality but discrimination that has been imposed by the law on the people. Overtime, the system becomes clogged and special interest groups become entrenched. A society that does not recognizes the humanity of all beings, do not believes in freedom and equality before the law.
Thus, inequality before the law recognizes that all do not have something to contribute to society and they must be hindered. However, humans must choose how best to contribute to society. Such a law ensures humans use what they know to survive, the right to use their knowledge and their judgment. The knowledge base will grow at a faster rate as obstacles to the mind are removed in the society.
Equality before the law is very important for Afghan citizens. Most ethnic groups of Afghanistan have suffered discrimination due to lack of equality in the Afghan society in the past. In fact, inequality in Afghanistan has been one of the main causes of social conflicts in the country; Social scholars believe that inequality has been the main cause of the 1990s civil war in Afghanistan; they also hold that inequality is blamed for remaining Afghanistan as an underdeveloped country. Therefore, All Afghan citizens shall respect the law and shall be treated equally before the law. If they are treated unequally, we shall expect rule of law in the country. And if there is no rule of law we shall experience continued conflicts in the Afghan society.