Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Spring, Waterfall and Violence Go Together

Every year when the spring comes, flowers begin to bud and blossom and waterfalls set about murmuring, Afghan people begin to witness increased offensive and suicide attacks by the Taliban militants and other insurgent groups. Instead of hearing the warble and singing of birds and lyrics of the nature, Afghan children hear the sound of guns and gunfire across the country as the spring comes.
Afghan children born over the last ten years have grown in an environment of explosions and suicide bombings. Many other Afghan children have remained deprived of schools and education due to the very above-mentioned wickedness and evil. This is an extremely vicious cycle that continues to torture the collective conscience of the society.

Since 2006, the Taliban insurgents have been attempting to seep into peaceful areas and expand their terrorist activities across the country. They go into lull during the winter and come back with more orchestrated and organized assaults as the last week attack on the brain of Afghan government- that is to say- the Ministry of Defense showed. International forces have cracked down on many Taliban militants and commanders over the past several years but they have failed to disrupt their momentum and their ability to organize and launch new offensive in the spring and summer. This vicious cycle of violence should be brought to an end if there is a will to bring progress and prosperity to Afghanistan.

It is now ten years since international community came to Afghanistan to help Afghan people build a peaceful, stable and prosperous country so that it is not a home for terrorists. But, to our unmitigated chagrin, they continue to remain far away from this goal and opportunities were squandered over the last one decade just because of lack of clear and effective military strategy and absence of political coordination among the international stakeholders and Afghan government.

The U.S. defense secretary, Robert Gates has said, "We have driven the Taliban out of areas they have controlled for years, including their heartland." Talking to a Pentagon news conference, Gates said, "They clearly intend to try and take that back. If we can prevent them this year from retaking the areas that we have taken away from them, and we can continue to expand the security bubble, I think it's possible that by the end of this year we will have turned a corner, just because of the Taliban being driven out and, more importantly, kept out."
Let's see how the militants are kept out this year and whether they are prevented from surging their terrorist activities or not. So far this spring they have been able to carry out several strikes. It is hoped this trend will not continue throughout the spring and summer ahead.