Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Consultative Peace Loya Jirga: An Opportunity to Form a United Voice on the Peace Process

Afghanistan Peace Process will enter to its most critical part. Direct talks between Taliban and the Afghan government will start on 10 August. Before starting the talk’s Afghan government will hold Peace Jirga to create a unified voice among Afghans to ensure a common approach to peace talks with the Taliban. The Loyal Jirgal shall bring together politicians, tribal elders, and other prominent figures. The primary objectives of this Jirga are to reflect a united voice of all Afghans to promote the peace process and restoration of stability in Afghanistan. Afghan government and International Community expect the Loya Jirga to provide an opportunity that all walks of the society, the Afghan politicians and social groups. especially the disadvantaged ones including women, to express their main concerns to the Afghan government, Taliban and International Community.
Will the Loya Jirag lead to a National Consensus? The consultative Loya Jirga for Peace shall facilitate a national consensus to provide solve the problems in the country and we are trying to reach this consensus
Afghanistan Achievements from the Taliban and the US agreement
The Taliban and the U.S. agreement commit the U.S. to a fourteen-month phased withdrawal of military forces in exchange for Taliban commitments to prevent Afghanistan from being used as a safe harbor for terrorists.
This breakthrough came after a decade of on-and-off U.S. and other efforts to catalyze a peace process. Many Afghans doubt Taliban’s willingness to compromise. However, the group probes whether it could achieve its objectives through a negotiated settlement, at least in part, due to the elusiveness of a clear military victory.
The operations of Taliban, the messages they give to the people, even the message of the Taliban leader issued for Eid ul-Adha shows that the group seeks to reestablish Emirate in Afghanistan. According to the prisoner release issue is a key to building trust and shortening the path towards peace. However, it has been counterproductive because most of these prisoners have joined the Taliban fighters to fight the Afghan national security and defense forces. As a result they contributed to more insecurity in the country. They have blatantly attacked government forces and civilians. As a result, the Taliban and the US agreement have not been a real and measureable achievement for the Afghan people; they do not see many changes in the behavior of the group of positive impacts of the agreement on their daily life.
The historic responsibility of the Participates of the Consultative Jirga for Peace
The participants of this Jirga shall once more give a clear message on behalf of All Afghan citizens to the Taliban that any Intra-Afghan talks require to be in the framework of Afghan constitution. Preserving the republic system, bringing amendments in the constitution according to the framework identified in the constitution, preserving the past 20 years democratic achievements, citizens’ basic rights, the rights of the social minority groups and religious groups are the red lines of the peace talks. Intra-Afghan peace talks is both an opportunity and threat; it is an opportunity because provides an environment the Afghan sides to discuss how they may reach an agreement to put an end to the war in Afghanistan that has lasted more than four decades in the country. It is a strategic threat that if the Emirate is reestablished in the country, we will lose all democratic achievements that are the shared achievements of Afghanistan and the international community. The reestablishment of Emirate will not lead to a sustainable peace and instability in Afghanistan; In fact it will just lead to another round of civil war in the country.
The Consultative Loya Jirga for Peace is a unique opportunity for Afghan government and citizens to forge a united voice and stance on the Peace process. Indeed, all Afghans want peace and they are tired of the war in their country. However, a bad peace deal is worse than the war because it will put the country on the path of a new round of conflict that would be much more dangerous from the current conflict. We want a peace deal to ensure both sides are the winners. Reestablishment of the Emirate in Afghanistan means that the terrorist can impose their way of life on the other people who believe in democracy and pluralism.