Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, December 4th, 2020

Intra_Afghan Peace Talks; A Historic Opportunity for Peace in Afghanistan

The first-ever peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban has been a moment that Afghans have waited for more than 4 decades for it.
Why a Truly Momentous Breakthrough
Afghanistan has been gripped with civil war for more than 4 decades. Decades of conflict in Afghanistan have drawn the civilian population into cycles of violence and destruction that have substantially transformed the country’s social, political, and economic structures. During the period of Soviet invasion and occupation (1979-1989), Afghan society was systematically divided, militarized, and decimated, costing the lives of between 800,000 – 1.5 million Afghans.  Following the withdrawal of Soviet troops in 1989, the country spiraled into civil war as mujahedeen commanders, initially financed and armed by international actors sought to overthrow the government before turning on one another.
It is the first time that Afghan government and Taliban’s representatives hold direct talks. Before this, they refused talking with the Afghan government terming them as the American “puppets”. The aim of the Intra-Afghan talks is to reach a political reconciliation and an end to decades of violence, which began with the 1979 Soviet invasion. It is clear that there are tough challenges ahead of the two teams.
What shall immediately be done
Women have been the main victims of the war in Afghanistan. As a result, all parties must do their part to ensure that women participate in a variety of roles, and that the peace process reflects the experiences and expertise of Afghan women in all their diversity.
Protecting the Civilians
Accepting a humanitarian ceasefire can give the strongest signal to the Afghans and international community that they are serious about the peace talks and reaching a political agreement to put an end to the decades long conflict in the country. The two temporary ceasefires that took place earlier in the year, offered an encouraging sign. However, with negotiations now underway, Afghans expect the redoubling of efforts to protect civilians and to deescalate the conflict, in order to save lives and to create a conducive environment for the talks. Afghans hope that progress toward peace can lead to the return of millions of Afghans displaced internally and across borders, to their homes in a safe, dignified and orderly manner. The international community and Afghans assume it is crucial that all Afghan leaders together with the international community, do everything possible to make peace a reality. 
The Peace Opportunity Must Be seized
Afghans have suffered for far too long. To put an end to the endless suffering of the the people all Afghan leaders and negotiators must seize this historic opportunity to end the fighting and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. In fact, the negotiators have a unique opportunity to save the lives of many of their compatriots and to lift the country out of poverty and misery.
The road of Intra-Afghan talks is bumpy. But we believe that if all of us give hands to each other and honestly work for peace, and put the national interests first, the current ongoing misery in Afghanistan will end. All the negotiators carry a great responsibility, but they must know that you’re not alone and the Afghans and international community are with them; Because The entire world wants them to succeed and they count on them to succeed.